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What is Vibration sensor:
• Vibration sensors are sensors used to measure, display and analyze frequency, displacement, velocity or acceleration. Vibration sensors respond to repetitive mechanical motion.
•  Its contacts are normally open and close when it is subjected to vibration in its designed frequency range.
• Mechanical sensors or switches which respond to displacement are best suited for low frequency vibrations. Piezoelectric sensors are sensitive to acceleration and hence are best suited for high frequency vibrations.
• Accelerometers measure acceleration to determine vibration. Proximity sensors are non-contacting sensors which measure distance from a target. It is used in rotating machinery to measure the vibration of the shaft.

Piezoelectric vibration sensor

• It is used in various applications to prevent further damage in the event of vibrations. It is also used as shock sensors.
• There are various types of vibration sensors viz. pin and spring type, piezoelectric type, piezoresistive type, chip based piezoelectric, mousetrap, magnetic, mercury, accelerometer, velocity, proximity etc.
• Refer Article on vibration sensor basics and types >> and advantages and disadvantages of vibration sensor >> for more information.

Vibration sensor features

Following are the silent features of Vibration sensor (Model: LDT0-028K) from Measurement Specialties Inc. division of TE connectivity. It comprises 28 µm thick piezoelectric PVDF polymer film with screen printed silver ink electrodes, laminated to a 0.125 mm polyester substrate, and fitted with two crimped contacts.
• It withstands high impact.
• It is used for various applications viz. washing machines, low power wakeup switch, car alarms, low cost vibration sensing, body movement, security systems etc.
• It offers sensitivity from 50 mV/g to 800 mV/g.

Vibration sensor Manufacturers

Following table lists popular Vibration sensor manufacturers or vendors.

Vibration sensor Manufacturers Description
TE Connectivity • Model: LDT0-028K (Piezoelectric strip)
•  Features as mentioned above
Elecrow Technology (Chinese supplier) • Models: SW-18015P, SW-420
• Vibration sensor module (Pin and Spring Type)
• 3-Axis Accelerometer ( Model: ADXL335 )
• MEMS accelerometer with low power consumption (350 µA)
• 10,000 g shock survival
• Can be interfaced with ADC of microcontroller.
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. • Model : PKGS-00GXP1-R , Series: PKGS
• Functions as shock sensor (Chip based Piezoelectric vibration sensor)
• G Sensitivity :0.35 pC/G
• Resonance frequency : 31 KHz
• Detection angle: 0 degree
Hansford Sensors • Model: HS-429
• Functions as vibration switch or Vibration Trip
• Frequency response: 10 Hz to 1 KHz
• Maximum shock : 100 g
• MTBF: 510 years
General Electric • Model: Nevada 3300 XL Series
• Functions as proximity sensor

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