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This page covers UWB test tools manufacturers or vendors. The popular vendors of UWB test equipments for UWB measurements are Litepoint, Rohde & Schwarz, Keysight technologies, NI (National Instruments) etc.

Introduction: UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology has become popular in RF communication due to accurate location tracking, low power consumption, higher immunity to interference, lower latency, ultra secure communication, lower cost etc. It follows IEEE 802.15.4 and its series of standards including latest IEEE 802.15.4z-2020. It defines two flavors of physical layers viz. LRP (Low Rate PHY) and HRP (High Rate PHY) and MAC layer. The UWB supports 16 frequency channels across three license free bands viz. subGHz (500 MHz), lower band (3.5 to 4.5 GHz) and higher band (6.5 GHz to 10 GHz). UWB finds applications in smart home, smart office, radar imaging, medical services, tracking etc.

UWB test equipments should have following features.
• UWB frequency range or UWB channels
• Modulation bandwidth
• Input power (Maximum) for receiver
• Output power range for transmitter
• UWB Tx tests
• UWB Rx tests
• Pulse related tests
• Support for VSG, VSA or both
• Support for UWB PHY mode HRP or LRP
• Support for IEEE 802.15.4 version

UWB test equipment vendors for UWB measurements

Following table mentions UWB test equipment vendors.

Vendors or Manufacturers UWB test tool features
Litepoint (Teradyne Company) Product : IQgig-UWB Tester
Features :
• Supports frequency range from 5 GHz to 19 GHz, Modulation BW > 1 GHz, Maximum input Power of +20 dBm, Output power range from +5dBm to -60 dBm etc.
• Covers various UWB tests which include transmit mask, transmit modulation quality, Receive PER etc.
• Visit litepoint.com for more information on this UWB product
Features :
• Supports HRP UWB PHY as defined in IEEE 802.15.4-2020
• Supports UWB band group 2 (Channels 5-15 above 6 GHz with BW of 499.2 MHz)
• Supports UWB measurements such as PSD mask, Tx center frequency tolerance, ToF (Time of Flight) measurement etc.
• Visit rohde-schwarz.com for more information on CMP200.
Keysight Technologies • The company develops signal generation, signal analysis hardware and software for UWB test and measurement.
• The model of vector signal generator (VSG) is M9384B VXG which supports 14/20/31.8/44 GHz frequency ranges and RF BWs of 0.5/1/2 GHz.
• The models of vector signal analyzers (VSAs) are N9042B UXA, N9040B UXA, N9032B UXA, N9030B PXA etc.
• Vector transceiver model M9415A VXT integrates VGA and VSA functionalities in three slot PXIe module.
• The latest product N7610EMBC generates standard based signals for various IoT standards including LoRa, SUN, UWB etc.
• Refer keysight.com for more information.
MAXEYE Technologies and National Instruments • MaxEye UWB Measurement Suite along with NI hardware (RF VSG and RF VSA) can be used for UWB RF and PHYSICAL layer testing as per IEEE 802.15.4 standard specifications.
• MaxEye tool kit supports various frequency bands and provide HRP UWB PHY waveform generation and analysis.
• Refer maxeyetech.com for more information.
Montena, Switzerland • IEC 61000-4-36 UWB Ultra WideBand test setup facility. The system can be used to test immunity of electronic equipments against high intensity EM waves.
• Refer montena.com for more information.

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