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This page mentions Terahertz Components manufacturers or THz components vendors. The popular manufacturers of Terahertz Components are Microtech, SWISSto12, HUBNER, TeraVil, Tydex, Virginia diodes, Menlo systems Inc., Thorlabs Inc., Lytid SAS, Terasense Group Inc., TOPTICA Photonics etc.

Which are Terahertz Components ?

Terahertz refers to frequencies from 0.1 to 10 THz (i.e. 1 THz equals 1012 Hz) in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. The terahertz radiation lies between microwave and mid-infrared band of EM spectrum.

Terahertz frequency waves travel in Line of Light and are non-ionizing waves like IR/microwave. Terahertz frequencies penetrate wide variety of non-conducting materials such as paper, wood, clothes, plastic, ceramic and so on. Terahertz radiation is highly reflected by metals. It is also used for various applications such as drugs manufacturing, quality control, THz imaging, safety control, packaging inspection, chemical composition analysis etc.

Terahertz in EM sepectrum

The components which work or used for terahertz frequencies are called terahertz components. These are THz windows, THz lenses, THz Prisms, THz mirrors, THz waveplates, THz spectral splitters, THz beam splitters etc.

Terahertz components

The Terahertz components used in wireless communication systems are THz antennas, THz sources or generators, THz detectors, THz modulators/demodulators, THz oscillators, THz filters, THz attenuators, THz amplifiers, THz dielectric materials and so on. Terahertz optics production require use of crystals such as quartz, silicon and sapphire etc.

Terahertz Components Manufacturers

Following table mentions Terahertz Components manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

Terahertz Components Manufacturers Description
• Microtech Instruments • Terahertz products include THz lenses & windows, THz polarizers, THz attenuators, THz low pass filters, THz band pass filters etc.
• The other Terahertz systems developed by Microtech Instruments include imaging systems & spectrometers, THz generators, THz detectors and so on.
• Website : mtinstruments.com
• SWISSto12 • Model : The company is supplier of microwave, mmwave and terahertz signal transmission components.
• Website : swissto12.com
• HUBNER Photonics division • Products : Terahertz spectrometers : It is used for THz wave detection and analysis. Terahertz imagers : It is used for THz wave detection of unknown substances.
• For different models of spectrometers and imagers, Visit website : hubner-photonics.com
• TeraVil Ltd • Components and systems for THz (Terahertz) applications
• Terahertz products are THz spectrometer, fiber coupled THz antenna, free space THz emitter, free space THz detector, preamplifier for THz detector, bias power supply for THz emitter and so on.
• Website : TERAVIL
• Tydex, Russia •  Products : THz BPF (Band Pass Filter), THz LPF (Low Pass Filter), THz Mirrors, THz materials, THz lenses, THz Windows, THz beam splitters, THz Prisms, THz spectral splitters etc.
•  New Products : THz Beam Expanders, THz polarizers etc.
• Website : tydexoptics.com
• Virginia Diodes • VDI is the source for your mmwave and terahertz products including transmitter and receiver systems.
• Custom transmitters are available for 1.1 to 1.7 THz and 1.7 to 3.2 THz frequency range.
• VDI offers zero biased detectors and schottky diode detectors for mmwave and terahertz applications. The detectors have features such as high responsivity and faster response time.
• Website : vadiodes.com
• Menlo Systems Inc. •  The company offers terahertz time domain solutions, Terahertz antennas and components, THz spectroscopy, THz sources or generators, THz remote sensing, THz combs and ultrafast switching etc.
• Website : menlosystems.com
• Thorlabs, Inc. •  The company offers Terahertz time domain solutions, lenses, spectrometer, THz Band Pass Filter (BPF) etc.
• Website : thorlabs.com
• Lytid SAS, France •  The company offers Terahertz sensor, high power sources and cost effective sources. The company also manufactures sources, components and sensors for sub-terahertz and mmwave frequencies.
• Website : lytid.com
• Terasense Group Inc. USA •  The company offers THz imaging solutions, THz cameras, THz detectors and so on.
• Website : terasense.com
• TOPTICA Photonics AG • It offers complete terahertz systems and terahertz components for time domain and frequency domain THz generation.
• Website : toptica.com

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