TVS Varistor Selection Guide | TVS Varistor Manufacturers

The page describes TVS Varistor Selection Guide including popular TVS Varistor manufacturers. This guide helps in selecting appropriate TVS Varistor from multiple Manufacturers.

What is TVS Varistor?

The Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOS) or TVS Varistors are electronic components used to protect delicate components from ESD (electrostatic discharge) or other transient voltages.

A varistor is electronic component with electrical resistance which varies with applied voltage. Hence it is also known as VDR (Voltage Dependent Resistor). It has a nonlinear V-I characteristic similar to diode.

TVS Varistor or Metal Oxide Varistor symbol

Metal-oxide varistor is the most common type of varistor device. It contains ceramic mass of zinc oxide grains in matrix of other metal oxides which is sandwiched between two metal plates i.e. electrodes. Metal oxides include bismuth, cobalt, manganese etc.

TVS Varistor Selection Guide

Following specifications are considered while selecting TVS Varistor for desired application.
• Varistor voltage range (min.,max.)
• Surge Current
• Energy
• Number of Circuits
• Maximum AC Volts
• Maximum DC Volts
• Capacitance @ frequency
• Operating Temperature
• Mounting Type
• Package/Case Type

TVS Varistor Manufacturers

Following table lists out popular TVS Varistor manufacturers.

TVS Varistor Manufacturers
AVX Corporation
Bourns Inc.
Abracon LLC
Littlefuse Inc.
Micro commercial Co.
Socay Electronics Corp., Ltd.
Panasonic electronic components
TDK Corporation

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