TVS Thyristor Selection Guide | TVS Thyristor Manufacturers

The page describes TVS Thyristor Selection Guide including popular TVS Thyristor manufacturers. This guide helps in selecting appropriate TVS Thyristor from multiple Manufacturers. TVS thyristor symbols and characteristic are also shown.

What is TVS Thyristor?

Transient over voltages and surges in electrical environment occur due to power switching, EM radiation, electrostatic discharge, lightning etc. TVS thyristor is an electronic component used to protect electronic circuits from over voltage transients induced on wires due to these occurrences. TVS is the short form of "Transient Voltage Suppression". The figure-1 below depicts TVS thyristor symbols.

TVS Thyristor symbols

Following are the basic functions of a TVS Thyristor device.
• It provides protection to people from the hazardous voltages induced due to power line contact or lightning.
• It limits maximum voltage seen by the equipments.
• It diverts very high transient currents to the ground and keep it away from the equipments.

TVS Thyristor characteristic

TVS Thyristor characteristic is shown in the figure-2.

TVS Thyristor Selection Guide

Following specifications are considered while selecting TVS Thyristor for desired application.
• Voltage Breakover
• Voltage - OFF state
• Voltage - ON state
• Current - Peak Pulse { (8/20µs) and (10/1000µs) }
• Current - Hold
• Number of elements
• Mounting Type: Surface Mount/Through Hole
• Packaging type

TVS Thyristor Manufacturers

Following table lists out popular TVS Thyristor manufacturers.

TVS Thyristor Manufacturers
Bourns Inc.
Littlefuse Inc.
Diodes Incorporated
Micro Commercial Co.
ST Microelectronics
ON semiconductor
Microsemi Corporation
Socay Electronics Corp., Ltd.

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