TVS Diode Selection Guide | TVS Diode Manufacturers

The page describes TVS Diode Selection Guide including popular TVS Diode manufacturers. This guide helps in selecting appropriate TVS Diode from multiple Manufacturers. TVS diode symbol and application as protection circuit is also shown.

What is TVS Diode?

TVS (transient-voltage-suppression) diode is an electronic component used to protect electronic circuits from the voltage spikes induced on wires.

They are solid state p-n junction devices designed to protect sensitive semiconductors from transient voltages.

TVS Diode Symbols, Application

TVS diode symbols are shown in the figure-1. TVS diode has faster response time and low clamping voltage. Hence it is used as protector for semiconductor and other sensitive components. The TVS diode can be used as parallel protection element as shown in the figure.

The VI characteristic of TVS diode is same as zener diode. It is designed for transient voltage suppression unlike zener diode which is designed for voltage regulation.

TVS Diode Selection Guide

Following specifications are considered while selecting TVS Diode for desired application.
• Channel type: Uni-directional/Bi-directional
• Leakage current: Conducted current when applied voltage is less than the max. reverse standoff voltage.
• Maximum reverse standoff voltage: It is the voltage value below which not much conduction occurs.
• Breakdown voltage: It is the voltage value where significant amount of conduction occurs.
• Clamping voltage: It is the voltage at which full rated current flows through the device.
• Capacitance @ frequency
• Mounting Type and Package Type

TVS Diode Manufacturers

Following table lists out popular TVS Diode manufacturers.

TVS Diode Manufacturers
AVX Corporation
Bourns Inc.
Littlefuse Inc.
Infineon Technologies
Maxim Integrated
Microsemi Corporation
Murata Electronics
ON Semiconductor
Rohm Semiconductor
Semtech Corporation
ST Microelectronics
Texas Instruments
Toshiba Semiconductor
Vishay Semiconductor

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