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TD-SCDMA chip vendors

This page covers TD-SCDMA chip vendors and provide link to tutorial on TD-SCDMA basics.

T3G, Beijing(subsidiary of ST-Ericsson)

Website - www.t3gt.com/


TD-SCDMA protocol stack and chipset.
Website- www.leadcoretech.com

Spreadtrum,San Diego and Shanghai

TD-SCDMA chipset, GSM chipset DigRF Test and measurement solutions
Website- www.spreadtrum.com/eng/

CYIT, China

Website- www.cqcyit.com.cn/English/


Major TD-SCDMA chipset vendor
Website - www.marvell.com/


TD-SCDMA chip manufacturer
Website- https://www.digimoc.com/

AST Wireless

TD-SCDMA chip vendor

TD-SCDMA Related Links

To know more on TD-SCDMA basics,refer TD-SCDMA tutorial.
For comparison between TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA2000, refer our page in terminology section which covers difference between these technologies, READ MORE .
TD-SCDMA Physical layer

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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