Solar thermal energy harvesting IC manufacturers | vendors

This page covers Solar thermal energy harvesting IC manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of Solar thermal energy harvesting ICs include Maxim, ST Microelectronics, E-peas etc.

Introduction: There are various ambient energy sources such as solar, thermal, RF, vibration etc. The energy harvesters are devices which utilize these sources and convert them into electrical energy. These devices include transducers and power management circuits. The power densities of solar source is approx. 10µW to 25mW and thermal source is approx. 20µW to about 10mWatt.

Solar harvesting utilize solar irradiance from sun. It uses external solar panel to harness solar energy into electrical voltage form. The ICs utilize MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) concept to harness maxium possible energy. One can select appropriate IC as per its supported storage devices, input voltage, cold start voltage (min.) etc.

Thermal energy harvester utilizes heat dissipated by machines or electronic/electric components.

Solar and thermal energy harvesting IC manufacturers or vendors

Following table mentions vendors or manufacturers of solar and thermal energy harvesting ICs.

Manufacturers Part number with features
Maxim Integrated Part number of IC : MAX20361
Features : Input voltage : 225 mV (min.) to 2.5V , Output current : 30 mA, MPPT supported, I2C interface
ST Microelectronics Part numbers : SPV1040, SPV1050
Features (SPV1050) : Input voltage :2.2 to 5.3 V, Output current : 30 to 70 mA, Cold Start : 0.5V (With boost conversion)
e-peas semicoonductor Part number : AEM20940 , AEM10941
Features (AEM20940) : output voltage : 2.2 to 4.5V, output current : 80 mA, Cold start : 380 mV
Features (AEM10941) : Input voltage : 50mV to 5V , output voltage (selectable)

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