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This page covers list of Sigfox development kit manufacturers. These Sigfox kits are useful to develop sigfox devices and sigfox products. Other manufacturers and vendors are also mentioned.

Sigfox development kit Manufacturers or Vendors Part number and description
ON Semiconductor Part Number: DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK
Features: • SoC covering uplink and downlink
• USB adapter for debugging
• Software to speed up prototype development
NXP Semiconductor Part number: OM2385/SF001
Available with transceiver , host processor, antenna, cables
Texas Instruments Part number: CC1310
Features: Sub-1 GHz kit comes with RF and processor on a single chip.
ATMEL Part number: ATA8520-EK1-E
Features: consists of transceiver, microcontroller and temperature sensor.
Quicksand qw-dev-kit (
Radiocrafts Part number: RC1682-SIG
Features: consists of controller with SIGFOX protocol stack
868.13 MHz (uplink) and 869.525 MHz (downlink)
Microchip Technology Inc. Part number: ATA8520E
Consists of rf transceiver, AVR micro-controller unit
Arrow Electronics Arrow SmartEverything Development Board
M2M Connectivity Pvt. Ltd. Part number: RC1692HP-SIG-DK Dev Kit
Samsung Part : ARTIK kit

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