Reflow Oven

After prototype PCB is made and solder paste is poured onto it and components are picked and placed. After these stages, components need to be actually mounted on the pads of PCB. This is achieved with the help of reflow oven.

The boards after abive steps are placed in the reflow oven which will melts the solder paste. This melted paste will help pins of electronic components get stuck when the paste cools down. This way components are mounted on the pads of PCB.

There are two types of reflow oven i.e. manual and automatic. In the manual type of oven, we decide the temperature, set the time and place the board in the box. Once the time is over, we will take out the board manually. In the automatic type, environment settings and placement is manual. Once the time is over the board will be ejected automatically by the oven system. Following are reputed manufacturers of reflow oven.


Manufacturer OR vendor Product Description with model
Essemtec RO-06-PLUS
SMTnet Manncorp 850 Benchtop, Manncorp BT300Cp Benchtop
Mechatronics systems RK320, RK360
T-tech SMT reflow oven-A
LPKF Laser and electronics ProtoFlow S


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