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RFMD amplifiers are used for various power amplification need in RF systems. RFMD amplifiers are available for high frequency and low noise applications. RFMD stands for RF Micro Devices Inc.

As we know amplifier provides amplification to the signal to be transmitted. RF amplifier amplifies the radio frequency signal. RFMD offers various types of amplifiers as per different applications and needs. They are classified into 3G power amplifiers, gain modules, CATV amplifiers, high frequency and high reliability amplifiers, linear amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, small cell power amplifiers etc. RFMD Amplifiers are available for wifi, zigbee and other smart energy technologies.

RFMD Amplifier Selection Guide

Following factors are considered to select the right RFMD amplifier as per application of choice.
• Frequency range of operation
• Gain in dB
• Output 1 dB compression point(P1dB)
• Saturated Power output(dBm)
• Efficiency(%)
• Output third order intercept point(OIP3 or TOIP)
• Current consumption, Icc (mA)
• Supply voltage, Vcc (V)

About RFMD - RF Micro Devices Inc.

RFMD (RF Micro Devices, Inc.) designs, develops and manufacture radio frequency products. These RF solutions help connect the wired world with wireless world. It is founded in 1991 and has headquarter in North Carolina. RFMD has offices across the world.

RFMD products range from amplifiers, switches, attenuators, VCOs, modulators, up converters and down converters, synthesizers, CATV amplifiers and tuners and cellular applications related components etc.

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