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This page covers RF to DC energy harvester receiver chip manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of RF to DC converter IC modules include Powercast Corporation, E-Peas, RF DIAGNOSICS etc.

RF to DC Converter

Introduction: The chip device or module which converts RF energy to DC (Direct Current) energy is known as RF to DC energy harvester. They provide harvested energy to the storage elements attached. The typical applications include capacitor and battery recharging, battery less wireless sensors, low power consumer electronics, sensors, displays and microprocesssors etc.

The RF to DC conversion reference designs are developed specific to different standards viz. NFC, UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and various frequency ranges (13.56 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.45 GHz, 1710-1915 MHz). The figure depicts position of RF to DC converter module in an RF energy harvesting system. As shown it is placed between RF antenna and charge management module. Charging module can either be capacitor which stores charge or rechargeable battery.

RF Energy Harvesting

Following generic features or specifications are considered for selecting RF to DC converter for energy harvesting circuit.
• Wide operating frequency range
• Wide operating power range
• Wide operating temperature range
• Higher RF to DC conversion efficiency
• Should harvest almost all he modulation schemes
• Input and Output impedance for connections
• Interoperability with various RF sources such as NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, UHF, 4G etc.
• Profile or dimensions
• Better sensitivity
• RoHS compliance

RF to DC energy harvester manufacturers or vendors

Following is the list of RF to DC energy harvester manufacturers or vendors.

Manufacturers Description
Powercast Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, Unites States PCC110 and PCC114 chips are used as RF to DC converters. These chips support frequency range from 10MHz to 6GHz and delivers conversion efficiency of about 75%. Refer datasheets for maximum ratings of input power, output voltage, output current, temperature etc.
Website : www.powercastco.com
Email : info@powercastco.com
E-Peas, Belgium Module : AEM40940
Features : Supports wide frequency ranges viz. 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz.
Website : e-peas.com
Email : sales@e-peas.com
Features : Supports 60 Hz to 6 GHz frequency range, available in QFN module with 18mA (max.) output.
Website : www.rfdiagnostics.com

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