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What is RF shield box:
The box made of copper, aluminium or steel to provide shielding from radio frequency waves or EM waves is known as RF shield box. It is used to perform compliance testing of wireless device under rigid environmental conditions. Metal strips, metal screens and metal foams are also used to have shielding from unwanted EM (Electromagnetic) waves during product development.
Refer RF shield basics>> and EM radiation mitigation techniques>> as depicted in the figure below for more information.

EM radiation limit zones and patterns

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF shield box.

RF shield box Manufacturers Description
Ramsey Electronics, Victor, NY 14564 Enclosures with models STE2000, STE3000, STE4000 etc.
Website: www.ramseytest.com
Concentric Technology Solutions Inc. Fort Worth, Texas 76117 They have testing solutions for wireless industry including RF shielding, RF shield boxes etc.
Website: www.rfshieldbox.com
ETS LINDGREN USA, UAE, China, INDIA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan etc. Website: www.ets-lindgren.com
Email: janet.o'neil@ets-lindgren.com
Orbel Corporation, PA 18045 The company offers board level shielding with custom designs as well as ready designs of their own. Website: https://www.orbel.com
Email: info@orbel.com
MDL Technologies Limited RF Test enclosures of various types are available
Website: https://www.mdltechnologies.co.uk
Email: sales@mdltechnologies.co.uk
Faraday Pty. ltd. RF shield box enclosures of various types are available
Website: https://www.ferret.com.au
Email: Matt.nutt@primecreative.com.au


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