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This page covers RF duplexer manufacturers and RF diplexer manufacturers or vendors. It mentions RF duplexer/diplexer manufacturers with email ids,websites and their basic specifications.

What is RF Duplexer:
The three port RF device used to separate frequency bands of wireless system which are closer to each other. For example GSM duplexer separates uplink (890 to 915 MHz) and downlink (935 to 960 MHz) frequency bands. This is shown in the figure-1 below.

The RF duplexer can be constructed from RF circulator as well as using PIN diode switches. It is used to share single antenna between the transmitter and receiver parts of a transceiver. Refer difference between duplexer vs diplexer>> and Triplexer basics>>.

RF duplexer

What is RF Diplexer:
The three port RF device used to separate frequency bands of wireless system which are farthest to each other.

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF duplexer and RF diplexer.

RF Duplexer manufacturers | RF Diplexer manufacturers

RF duplexer Manufacturers and RF diplexer Manufacturers Description
TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. SAW based RF duplexers are available. The company also manufactures RF and IF filters based on SAW concept. The other products inclue VCSO, VCO, Crystal oscillators, filters, resonators etc.
Website: https://www.taisaw.com
Email: tst.n.america@mail.taisaw.com (North America), tst.s.america@mail.taisaw.com (South America)
Marki Microwave Inc., CA, United states Part Number DPX-9516 is RF Diplexer which is similar to duplexer but separates frequency bands which are far apart. It separates DC to 9.5 GHz band (low) and 16 to 32 GHz band (high) .
Website: https://www.markimicrowave.com
Email: info@markimicrowave.com
Anatech Electronics, Inc. Duplexers of various types (cavity, ceramic, SAW and LC) are manufactured by anatech. They have diplexers also.
Website: https://www.anatechelectronics.com
Email: sales@anatechelectronics.com
Qorvo The company has duplexers of SAW and BAW type. RF duplexers for LTE band-1, band-4, band-10 are also available.
Website: https://www.qorvo.com
RTx Technology, Korea Ceramic Duplexers for various frequency bands used in different wireless technologies such as GSM, LTE, PCS, DCS, UMTS based products are available.
Website: https://www.rtxtech.com
Email: wykim@rtxtech.com
Bird Technologies RF duplexers for different bands such as 0 to 135 MHz, 136 to 174 MHz, 175 to 379 MHz, 380 to 530 MHz, 531 to 895 MHz, 896 to 3000 MHz are available.
Website: https://www.birdrf.com
Email: sales@birdrf.com
K&L Microwave Diplexer and Duplexers are available
Website: https://www.klmicrowave.com
TriQuint Semiconductor ( Now Arrow Electronics, Inc. )
Website: https://www.verical.com
Wainwright Instruments,GmbH Diplexers and RF duplexers (from DC to 2000 MHz ) are manufactured.
Website: https://www.wainwright-filters.com
Email: info@wainwright-filters.com
Microwave Filter Company, Inc This RF duplexer manufacturer has duplexer for various bands e.g. AMPS/TACS, PCS, DCS, UMTS, GSM/EGSM etc.
Website: https://www.microwavefilter.com
Email: mfcsales@microwavefilter.com


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