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RF varactor diode Manufacturers | RF varactor diode Vendors

This page mentions RF varactor diode manufacturers or RF varactor diode vendors. The popular manufacturers of RF varactor diode are MACOM, NXP, Infineon, Skyworks, Cobham Metelics, Sanyo Semiconductor corporation etc.

What is RF varactor diode ?

The special type of PM junction diode is known as varactor diode. In this diode type, PN junction capacitance is varied by varying reverse bias voltage. The figure depicts varactor diode symbol and its equivalent circuit elements.

varactor diode

Varactor diodes are manufactured using gallium arsenide. The varactor capacitance formula is as follows. Cj = CK/(Vb - V)m

As mentioned in the formula, capacitance (i.e. Cj) is proportional to reverse bias voltage (i.e. "V").

There are numerous applications of varactor diode viz. resonance circuit, AFC (Automatic Frequency Control), frequency modulator, RF phase shifter, microwave receiver and so on.

Following specifications are considered while selecting RF varactor diode for your need.
• Capacitance
• Forward continuous current
• Peak reverse voltage
• Reverse voltage
• Operating temperature
• Reverse current
• ROHS compliance
• Package type

RF varactor diode Manufacturers

Following table mentions RF varactor diode manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

RF varactor diode Manufacturers Description
MACOM • Part Number : MA46H120 (GaAs constant Gamma Flip-Chip Varactor Diode)
• Features : Low Parasitic Capacitance and inductance, High Q, Silicon Nitride Passivation, Polyimide Scratch Protection etc.
• It is used in ISM applications.
• Specifications : Capacitance : 0.35 pF, Gamma : 1, Breakdown voltage: 15V, Quality Factor @ 50 MHz, Min : 3000
• Website : macom.com
NXP Semiconductor • Part number : BB208-03 (Variable Capacitance diode as per planar technology)
• Features : high ratio, very low series resistance, excellent CV linearity, very small SMD plastic packages etc.
• Other parts : BB202, BB172
• Website : nxp.com
Infineon Technologies • Part number : BB914
• Features : Good linearity for C-V curve, high figure of merit, high tuning ratio at low supply voltage, RoHS compliant etc.
• Refer BB914 datasheet for technical specifications of the product.
• Other parts : BB833, BB664, BB639E7904 etc.
• Website : infineon.com
Skyworks solutions • Part number : SMV1405 series
• Plastic Packaged Abrupt Junction Tuning Varactors
• Features : High Q, Low series resistance for low phase noise etc.
• Other parts : SMV2020 series , SMV2021 series , SMV1470 series
• Website : skyworksinc.com
Cobham Metelics • Part number : MGV125-20
• Capacitance ratio : 4 to 8.6, Forward continuous current: 100 mA, Q factor : 4000, reverse voltage : 22V and so on.
• Website : cobham.com
Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation • Part number : SVC321SPA
• It is used for AM receiver electronic tuning.
• It offers good linearity, high capacitance ratio and so on.
• Refer Website : digchip.com for technical specifications and other part numbers.

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