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What is RF Relay:
The electrically operated switching device is known as relay. Many relay devices use electromagnet to operate the switch mechanically. Earlier relays were being used in telephone exchanges to provide connections between two different circuits.

Based on their construction, there are different types of relays such as reed relay, solid state relay, latching relay, contactor etc. Refer Relay basics>> and RF Switch types>> for more information.


Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of RF Relay.

RF Relay Manufacturers Description
Teledyne USA
Website: www.teledyne.com/
RelComm Technologies USA
Website: www.relcommtech.com/
Website: https://www.radiall.com/
Pasternack Enterprises Inc.
Website: in.pasternack.com/
Dow-Key Microwave USA
Website: https://www.dowkey.com/
API Technologies USA
Website: www.apitech.com/
Fairview Microwave USA
Website: https://www.fairviewmicrowave.com/
e360 Microwave
Website: www.e360microwave.com/
Relcomm Technologies, US
Website: www.relcommtech.com/
OMRON Global
Website: https://www.omron.com/


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