Quadplexer SAW BAW filter manufacturers LTE, 5G Mobile phones

This page describes Quadplexer SAW/BAW filter used in LTE and 5G mobile phones. It lists vendors or manufacturers of Quadplexer filter as per SAW/BAW filter designs.

What is Quadplexer filter ?

Quadplexer filter

As shown there are 4 ports other than 1 antenna port. Quadplexer functions as 4 port to 1 port multiplexer/de-multiplexer device.

The figure depicts quadplexer device with 2 receive ports (P3 and P5), 2 transmit ports (P2 and P4) and one antenna port (P1). Due to its ultra less size requirements it can be used to reduce cost of overall end device development. Moreover it is ideal for space constraint applications.

Following are the technical specifications of Quadplexer filter to be considered while selecting or buying.
• Bands or frequency range
• Insertion Loss (in transmit direction)
• Compact Form Factor
• Power handling capacity at input ports
• VSWR at Tx port, ANT port
• Attenuation at different frequency range
• Tx to Rx Isolation

Example : Band 25/4 and Band 1/3 quadplexers
Quadplexers allow two bands (i.e. Band 25/4 or Band 1/3) to be connected to antenna at the same time, This is very useful for carrier aggregation where mobile handset may want to receive on two bands at the same time or transmit on two bands at the same time.

Quadplexer filter manufacturers

Following table mentions Quadplexer filter manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

Quadplexer filter Manufacturers Description
Qorvo • Model : QM25032
• It functions as Band 1 + Band 3 Multiplexer.
• It is used for LTE and 5G NR handsets and datacards products for carrier aggregation.
• It offers minimal insertion loss (in Tx) and high cross isolation.
• Website : http://www.qorvo.com/
JQL Technologies Corp. • Model : JRMP8J677F8J772FA
• Model : JRMP6J2050R6J1792FB
• The company offers various quadplexer ceramic filters for different applications.
• Website : http://www.jqlelectronics.com/
• Contact Email : sales@jqlelectronics.com
Communication Components Inc. NJ • Model : QPO series (Example : QPO-18223456-xxx)
• Quadplexer combines 4 bands (i.e. 1710-1880, 1920-2180, 2300/2400, 2500-2700) onto a common port.
• Website: http://www.cciproducts.com/
• Email : sales@cciproducts.com
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. • Model : Band4 - Band25 SAW Quadplexer
• Band4 Tx : 1710 - 1755 MHz, Band4 Rx : 2110-2155 MHz, Band25 Tx : 1850 -1915 MHz, Band25 Rx 1930 -1955 MHz
• Website : https://www.murata.com/en-sg
Resonant Inc. CA USA • Developes quadplexer filter as per TC-SAW design.
• Website : https://www.resonant.com/

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