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An Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator is a type of oscillator that uses a crystal resonator to generate a stable frequency. The "oven-controlled" part means that the crystal and other components are placed in a temperature-controlled oven. This helps maintain a stable temperature for the crystal, minimizing frequency fluctuations due to temperature changes. The temperature stability is crucial in applications where precise timing is required.

OCXOs are used in wide variety of applications including telecommunications, military, aerospace, industrial, and scientific instruments, where precise and stable timing is essential.

Following are the generic specifications to be considered before purchase of OCXO for your application.
• Frequency Stability in parts per billion (ppb)
• Aging Rate in ppb per day
• Temperature Stability in ppb over the operating temperature range
• Operating Temperature Range: atleast from -40°C to +85°C
• Control Voltage
• Low aging characteristics for long-term stability
• Low Phase Noise in order to achieve frequency stability
• Quick Warm-up Time (which is time required for the oscillator to stabilize after power-up)
• Package Type: Surface-mount or through-hole, specified dimensions
• Power Supply: Operating voltage and power consumption
• Output Type: Sine wave, HCMOS, or other specified signal types
• Other Features: programmability, digital frequency control and other specific functionalities.


SiTime specializes in MEMS-based oscillators and timing solutions. For OCXOs, they offer products with high stability and low phase noise.

OCXO part numbers from SiTime: SiT5711 and SiT5811 support 1 and 60 MHz frequency.

Website: sitime.com

Bliley OCXO

Bliley Technologies is known for providing precision frequency control devices, including OCXOs, for applications such as satellite communication, military, and wireless communications.

OCXO part numbers from Bliley Technologies: BOVXJ-XXXMXX-XXXB and BOVTF-10MDB-ECAB support 5 to 100 MHz range. Various frequency output models are available in different packages.

Website: bliley.com

Rakon OCXO

Rakon is a global manufacturer of frequency control solutions, including OCXOs. Their products are used in various applications, such as telecommunications and aerospace.

OCXO part numbers from Rakon : ROD2522S2 supports standard frequencies ( 10, 12.8 and 20 MHz) and 0.5 ppb frequency stability over temperature range of -40 to 85 degreeC

Website: rakon.com

Abracon OCXO

Abracon offers a wide range of frequency control and timing components, including OCXOs. They cater to various industries, including automotive, industrial, and telecommunications.

OCXO part numbers from Abracon : AOC1409 and AOC2012 SMD oven-controlled SC-Cut crystal oscillator offers high precision clocking and ultra low phase noise. AOC1409 frequency output is 20 MHz and AOC2012 output is from 10 to 25 MHz. Both supports Vdd supply of 3.3V.

Website: abracon.com

Wenzel OCXO

Wenzel Associates is a manufacturer of precision crystal oscillators, including OCXOs, used in applications such as instrumentation, communication, and aerospace.

OCXO part numbers from Wenzel Associates : Various models are available for different frequency output such as Vibration Isolated HF Citrine (10 MHz to 25 MHz), Vibration Isolated HF Citrine Plus ( 1 MHz to 125 MHz), Vibration Isolated VHF Citrine (25 to 160 MHz), Vibration Isolated VHF Citrine Plus (50 MHz to 700 MHz) and so on.

Website: quanticwenzel.com

Vectron (acquired by Microchip Technology Inc.)

Vectron International is a manufacturer of precision oscillators and timing solutions for various applications.

OCXO part numbers from Microchip : The company offers various models in frequency range from 10MHz to 49.152 MHz. They offer frequency stability of 10-20 PPB, support operating supply voltage of 3.3VDC and operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and so on.

Website: microchip.com

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