Numerically Controlled Oscillator NCO IC Manufacturers

A Numerically Controlled Oscillator is a digital circuit or algorithm that generates periodic waveforms with controllable frequencies, making it a versatile component in digital signal processing and communication systems.

NCOs are used for wide variety of applications which include Software Defined Radios (SDRs), Frequency synthesizer used in RF transceivers, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Test and Measurement Equipments, Radar systems, SONAR systems and so on. Following table mentions NCO IC manufacturers.

Manufacturers Description
Analog Devices AD9850 CMOS, 125 MHz Complete DDS Synthesizer, AD9951 DDS with 14-bit DAC operating up to 400 MSPS, AD9954, AD9958
Texas Instruments AFE79xx is wide-bandwidth multi-channel transceivers housing NCOs for RF sampling transmitter chains and RF sampling receiver chains. TI also offers NCO-based frequency hopping capability in its RF-sampling AFE74xx device.
Maxim Integrated MAX5868, MAX5855, Refer
Microchip Technology TB3131, NCO on PIC microcontrollers , Refer for more information.
Linear Technology (Now part of Analog Devices) LTC6903/LTC6904, Refer for more information.
Lattice Semiconductor The company offers Numerically Controlled Oscillators (NCOs) with various features. Refer for more information.
Silicon Labs Refer for more information.

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) synthesizer uses a Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) to generate a waveform with a frequency determined by a tuning word. Hence often NCO is available as built-in component of the DDS ICs. Refer NCO >> for more information on NCO working principle, benefits and applications.

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