Micro LED Equipment manufacturers | Test and Measurement

This page lists Micro LED Equipment manufacturers. These equipments are used for test and measurement of Micro LEDs.

Introduction: Micro-LED display market is growing and will be leader in next generation display technology. Due to its benefits, micro-LED finds applications in various products such as smart watches, VR/AR products, UHD TVs, smartphones, laptops and so on.

Following processes are involved for micro-LED display manufacturing. Micro-LED test equipments are available to cover its testing across these processes.
• Epitaxy• PL• Photo Lithography• ITO• Etching • Laser Lift off • PL +EL • Transfer• Bonding • Inspection • Trimming • Repair •  Display.

Following are few of the test and measurement equipments used for Micro LED Testing.
• Camera Based Microscopic Imaging System
• Optical wafer testing
• Fully automated MOCVD tools (developed by AIXTRON), G5+ C tool used for micro-LED production

List of Micro LED Equipment manufacturers or Makers for test and measurement

Following table mentions lists of top Micro LED equipment manufacturers.

Micro LED equipment manufacturers Description
AMEC (Advanced Micro Fabrication Equipment) • It is china based micro-fabrication company.
• It is specialized in equipment developement used for micro-sized and nanoscale sized VLSIs.
• Chemical vapor deposition and plasma etching products are major focus areas.
• MOCVD technology is used for micro LEDs, power devices and ultraviolet devices.
• Website : http://amec-inc.com/index.php
BluGlass • It commercializes semiconductor equipments and processes which help in manufacturing of power electronic devices including LEDs.
• The company is based in Australia.
• Website : https://www.bluglass.com.au/
Coherent • The company offers laser based tools for micro-LED industry.
• LLO (Laser Lift Off) equipment is used for separation of micro LEDs from sapphire wafer.
• LIFT (Laser Induced Forward Transfer) is used for moving micro LEDs from donor ro substrate.
• The company is located in Santa Clara, USA.
• Website : http://www.coherent.com
Evatec • The company offers thin film deposition tools for GaN LED.
• It offers complete process solutions for optolectronics, semiconductor and photonics market.
• The company is based in Switzerland.
• Website : https://www.evatecnet.com/
GPM (Gallant Precision Machining) • It produces manufacturing micro-LED equipments, process & automation equipments as well as parts of equipments.
• Equipments include LED pick and transfer equipment, testing equipment and washing equipment.
• The company is based in Taiwan.
• Website : http://www.gpmcorp.com.tw/en-global
iBeam Materials • It uses ion-beam for crystal alignment of thin layers of various large size substrates.
• The technology developed by iBeam Materials can be used for producing micro-LEDs on large size flexible substrates directly.
• The company is based in Santa Fe, United States.
• Website : https://www.ibeammaterials.com
InZiv • The company develops characterization tools and inspection tools for micro-LED developers and producers.
• The company is based in Israel.
• Website : https://inziv.com/
Plasma-Therm • The company offers etch, deposition and packaging equipments for micro-LED developers.
• The company is based in United States.
• Website : http://www.plasmatherm.com/
Uniqarta • The company offers IC assembly processes. The company has developed LEAP (Laser Enabled Advanced Placement) technology which replaces traditional assembly methods.
• The company is based in Cambridge USA.
• Website : https://uniqarta.com/
V-Technology • The company is developing micro-LED mass transfer technology.
• Other products : Exposure systems, polarization film production systems, color filter processes etc.
• The company is based in Yokohama, japan.
• Website : https://www.vtec.co.jp/en/index.html
XDC (X Display Corporation) • The company is spun-off of X-Celeprint based in Ireland.
• Patents include µTP (Micro Transfer Printing ) technology for Micro-LED display market.
• The company XDC is based in Durham, NC, USA.
• Website : https://www.xdisplay.com

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