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Magnetic Sensor Vendors | Magnetic Sensor Manufacturers

This page mentions Magnetic Sensor vendors or manufacturers. It mentions part numbers of Magnetic Sensor from different manufacturers/vendors.

About Magnetic Sensor:
The device which senses the magnetic field is known as magnetic sensor.
Refer 3D magnetic sensor.

Following technical specifications are considered while selecting the right magnetic sensor as per system requirements.
• Sensitivity or Transfer (V/T or V/A m, A/T, Hz/T...)
• Absolute accuracy
• Power Spectral Noise Density (in T2/Hz)
• Bandwidth
• Operating temperature
• Full scale
• Dynamic Range (dB)
• Slew Rate (T/s)
• Distortion vs frequency (%)
• linearity error (%FS)
• Resolution

Magnetic Sensor Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
NXP Semiconductor MAG3110 magnetometer
Infineon TLV493D-A1B6
Fargo Controls proximity sensors of magnetic type, inductive type and capacitive type are available.
MEMSIC MMC328xMA, MMC3316xMT are 3-axis magnetic sensors.
TI DRV421 is magnetic current sensor
Vernier The company manufactures magnetic field sensors.
SICK Magnetic proximity sensors based on magnetic sensing principle.
Phoenix America Magnetic Sensors and magnetic encoders are available.
Littelfuse, USA The company is leader in magnetic sensing solutions. They provide magnetic sensors in various forms which include reed sensors, reed switches, hall effect sensors, reed relays etc.
TE Connectivity KMT32B (magnetic field sensor)
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. AMR Sensors or Magnetic Sensors
Red Lion, USA MP75TX
Analog Devices Part no: AD22151

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