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This page covers list of Vendors of LoRaWAN products. It includes manufacturers of LoRaWAN wireless modules which are certified from LoRa Alliance.

LoRa network is becoming popular as Wide Area Network for IoT due to low power consumption and high coverage range capabilities. It consists of LoRa gateway and LoRa End Devices. The following table mentions LoRaWAN certified products from different vendors/manufacturers.

LoRaWAN Products Manufacturers or Vendors Description
Semtech corporation SX1272 and SX1276 LoRa RF Transceivers
AcSiP Technology Corp. Taiwan Provides LoRa modules and SiP (System in Package) solutions. Product named "S76S" consists of SX1276 transceiver from Semtech and 32 bit MCU. It supports ISM bands 868/915 MHz.
ManThink technology, Beijing Wireless module named UM801LP supports LoRaWAN classes A and C. It has UART interface.
elsys.se ERS is LoRaWAN™ sensor which takes care of temperature, motion, light and humidity sensing.
Embit, Italy Product named as EMB-LR1272E is a wireless module.
GlobalSat WorldCom Corporation. Taiwan LoRaWAN wireless module named as LM130E houses SX1276 chipset from Semtech Corp. Supports 868 MHz band.
IMST, GmbH Product named as iM880B-L houses SX1272 transceiver from Semtech Corp. and Cortex M3. It operates in 868MHz.
Laird (https://www.lairdtech.com/) Model: RM1xx Series
Supports both Bluetooth 4.0 and LoRaWAN protocol stacks
Microchip Module named RN2483 is a wireless transceiver. It supports 433 MHz/868 MHz bands.
Miromico AG, Switzerland Model named FMLR is LoRa™ Alliance certified product. LoRa™ and LoRaWAN™ modules, development kits and sensors are provided by Miromico AG.
MultiTech Model: MultiConnect mDot is LoRaWAN™ module which supports both 868/915 MHz bands.
STMicroelectronics evaluation kit named P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 is simple prototyping platform.

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