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This page covers products based on Li-Fi technology. It mentions various li-fi products such as lamps, Kits, LiFi smartphone etc. The vendors and OEMs of LiFi products are also mentioned.

LiFi Kit

OLEDCOMM is a world leader in LiFi products which includes LiFi routers, LiFi hubs, LED drivers, LED lamps and complete kit for lighting system. There are several LiFi kits developed by OLEDCOMM. The kit contains following :
• LED Lamps
• Tablet with Android
• Dongle to use with LiFi Smartphone
• Software library
• location based application for LED Lamps.

Panasonic LiFi Lamp

Panasonic has range of LiFi LED Lamps.

Popular LiFi products with Vendors

Following are the popular LiFi products and their leading vendors.

Vendor or manufacturer LiFi Products
OLEDCOMM The company OLEDCOMM develops LiFi Lamp, LiFi Hub, LiFi router, LiFi Kit etc.
pureLiFi The company is world leader for LiFi products. Develops Li-Frame Ceiling Unit and Li-Frame Desktop Unit, which function as LiFi AP.
Casio The company has developed LiFi Smartphone.

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