LTE Certification Test Providers

This page describes Certification test providers for LTE UE and eNodeB. They offer radio conformance testing,protocol conformance and Inter-operability tests.

Intertek Group plc.

Intertek is one of the leading LTE certification test provider. It possess all the equipments in a single laboratory to fulfil testing need of GSM,WCDMA and LTE products. The products can be mobile phones,routers,tablets,laptops,equipments, application softare and more.

Following tests are carried out as part of LTE certification:
•  LTE data throughput
•  Performance tests
•  Protocol conformance testing
•  Radio conformance testing
•  Radio Resource management

AT4 Wireless

AT4 is also conformance and interoperability testing service provider for various wireless standard compliant devices. It include GSM,CDMA,LTE,WLAN,WiMAX,M2M and more.


7layers provides LTE test and certification tests as per following specifications for LTE device and LTE network.
•  Based on GCF as well as PTCRB requirements
•  Global time approval country wide regulatory requirements
•  4G LTE network testing as carried out for Sprint
•  LTE handset verification testing which is approved by MetroPCS
•  LTE device approval for Verizon Wireless


Wipro taas provides IOT certification tests for LTE network service providers.

Bureau Veritas

It was approved by TAF. It is the first lab in Taiwan to provide testing and certification services for 4G LTE NCC PLMN10 and IS2050.


Information on other standard based testing service providers,Read more

Product Certification Schemes

•  CTIA - Authorized Test Laboratory
•  PTCRB - Accredited Testing Laboratory for GERAN, UTRAN & E-UTRAN(LTE)
•  GCF - Recognised Test Organisation for GERAN, UTRAN & E-UTRAN

LTE conformance documents reference

3GPP Reference Description
eNodeB conformance tests(Base Station) TS 36.141
UE conformance tests Part-1, Radio transmission and reception TS 36.521.1
UE conformance tests Part-2 ICS TS 36.521.2
UE conformance tests Part-3, RRM(Radio Resource Management) TS 36.521.3
BS Radio Transmission and reception TS 36.104
UE Radio Transmission and reception TS 36.101

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