LTE Protocol Test/Testing Equipment Manufacturers

This page covers LTE protocol test equipments from leading manufacturers mainly used for testing upper layers/interfaces of the LTE devices (eNodeB/UE) with other network elements as per SAE architecture. This is ideal for protocol conformance testing as per 3GPP TS 36.523 LTE protocol conformance solution(PCT) document.

Rohde & Schwarz

Model: CMW500

CMW500 is wellknown Wideband Radio Communication Tester. It is ideal for testing wireless devices of different standards/technologies as listed below.

GSM Mobile station test
WCDMA Mobile station(UE) test
LTE Mobile station test
TD-SCDMA UE test(Mobile Station Test)
CDMA2000® 1 x RTT specifications for Mobile station testing
CDMA2000® 1 x EV-DO specifications for Access Terminal testing


Models: ME7834,ME7832L,MD8475A

ME7834 mobile device test Platform is ideal for protocol conformance testing of LTE UE devices. Following are the features of this PCT equipment from Anritsu.

Network operators and equipment developers make use of ME7834 as test platform for LTE compliant terminals so that UE perform as expected in the actual network. The equipment along with application software support GCF & PTCRB test cases for 3G as well as LTE compliant devices. It provides logs by which difference between expected and received data as per protocol messages can be analyzed very easily.

ME7832L is LTE UE protocol conformance test system for pre-certification as per 3GPP TS36.523(GCF/PTCRB Terminal Certification).

Signaling Tester MD8475A is used as Base Station Simulator for mobile testing. It supports LTE FDD(2x2 MIMO),W-CDMA/HSPA/HSPA Evolution, GSM/(E)GPRS, CDMA2000® 1X/1xEV-DO Rev.A standards.

Agilent Technologies


T4110S LTE Protocol Test System is ideal for protocol conformance testing of LTE compatible UEs.

GL Communications Inc.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) protocol Simulation is available for following interfaces. It supports S1, S3, S4, S5, S8, S10, S11, S16 and X2 AP Interfaces Simulation

Address: Gaithersburg, MD 20878 ,USA
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3GPP Protocol conformance Specifications

3GPP TS 36.523,Part 1 Protocol conformance document

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