LPWAN Base Station functions, LPWAN Base Station Manufacturers

This page describes functions of LPWAN Base Station in LPWAN architecture. It includes list of LPWAN Base Station manufacturers or vendors.

LPWAN is a type of wireless network used for low power, long range and low bandwidth IoT/M2M applications. The tyical applications are smart tracking, smart grid, smart parking, smart city, smart agriculture etc.

LPWAN architecture

LPWAN network architecture consists of LPWAN end devices, Gateways, Base Stations, Access network/Internet and cloud servers.

The end devices are of two types viz. short range and long range. Long range devices (based on LoRa, NB-Fi) directly connect with Base station. Short range devices (based on Zigbee or Bluetooth) connect with Base Station via LPWAN gateway.

The LPWAN technologies include LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, LTE-M, RPMA, NWave, NB-Fi, Weightless-P and so on.

LPWAN Base Station Functions

Following are the functions of LPWAN Base Station.
➨It connects one side with end devices or gateways and the other side with Access Network or internet service provider.
➨Single BS can handle large number of devices. This reduces cost of overall network to the largest extent.
➨TCP/IP is used to transport traffic between BS and cloud servers.
➨BS handles protocol translation between IoT protocols and application protocols. MQTT and CoAP are common protocol found in IoT applications.
➨LPWAN network uses star topology.
➨Refer LPWAN tutorial >> for more information.

LPWAN Base Station Manufacturers or Vendors

Following table mentions list of different technologies based LPWAN base station manufacturers or vendors.

Manufacturers or Vendors Description
Waviot NB-Fi IoT Base Station (NB-300)
Ubiik Weightless LPWAN Base Station
Adaptive modules LoRa Base Stations
The Things Network Base Station, IoT Gateway and more products
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. LoRaWAN Compliant Base Station for 868 MHz and 915 MHz bands

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