LNB Basics and LNB Manufacturers

LNB-Low Noise Block Converter LNB is the short form of Low Noise Block Converter. It is the module which combines LNA and Down Converter modules. LNB does Low Noise Amplification and frequency down conversion of the input RF signal.
LNB- LNA + Down converter
Mainly LNB is used for VSAT application which converts RF Input frequency of about 3.7 GHz to 70 MHz IF carrier frequency for C band VSAT.

LNB-Low Noise Block Converter Manufacturers

General Dynamics Satcom technologies- www.gdsatcom.com
Comtech EF Data Corporation.- www.comtechefdata.com, Popular LNB manufacturer in the world.
ST Electronics- www.stee.stengg.com/group/satcom/product/agilis/
MITEQ - www.miteq.com, LNB(Low Noise Block Converter) manufacturer
Novella Satcoms Ltd.- www.novella.co.uk
SMW Swedish Microwave AB- www.smw.se, leading manufacturer of LNB(Low Noise Block Converter).
Teledyne Paradise Datacom Ltd.- www.paradisedata.com


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