LNA manufacturers/suppliers

LNA stands for Low Noise Amplifier. As the name suggests it amplifies the desired signal more than the noise embedded in the signal. Popular LNA manufacturers/suppliers/vendors are listed below.

General specifications

RF Frequency range over which LNA need to operate satisfactorily.
RF Frequency Bandwidth
Gain Flatness over entire bandwidth
Noise figure

NEC- www.nec.com

Low Noise Amplifier or RF LNA for bands L,S,C,X,Ku,Ka available.

Communications & Power Industries (CPI)- www.cpii.com

Locus Microwave,member Codan group of companies

CODAN- www.codan.com.au

RF LNA,LNB,BUC,transceiver and more for various frequency bands.

Comtech EF Data Corporation- www.comtechefdata.com

RF LNA,VSAT solutions,Modem,RF products(frequency converter,amplifier) and more.

Servsat Communications,Inc.GA- www.servsat.com

RF LNA,LNB,TWTA,Modem,Transceiver,Converter,MUX, encoder,decoder and more.


Teledyne Paradise Datacom Ltd.- www.paradisedata.com

SSPA, BUC,RF converter, Modem,Low Noise Amplifier,LNA.

TRIQUINT- www.triquint.com

ultra Low Noise Figure LNA with High Gain,amplifier,duplexer,filter,transistor,converter and more.

NXP Semiconductor- www.nxp.com

RF LNA MMIC, MOSFET,diode, sensors and more.

Infineon- www.infineon.com

RF LNA MMIC,Transistor.

Analog Devices- www.analog.com

RF LNA,data converter,amplifier,RF ICs,DSP,MEMS and more.

Mini Circuits Inc.- www.minicircuits.com

RF LNA or Low Noise Amplifier,coupler,amplifier,mixer,synthesizer,oscillator and more.

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