Hexaplexer SAW BAW filter manufacturers LTE, 5G Mobile phones

This page describes Hexaplexer SAW/BAW filter used in LTE and 5G mobile phones. It lists vendors or manufacturers of Hexaplexer filter as per SAW/BAW filter designs.

What is Hexaplexer filter ?

Hexaplexer filter

As shown there are 6 ports other than 1 antenna port. Hexaplexer functions as 6 port to 1 port multiplexer/de-multiplexer device. Out of 6 ports, 3 ports are used as receive ports where as the rest of the three ports are used as transmit ports. It combines multiple Tx and RX filters into a compact module.

The figure depicts Hexaplexer device with 3 transmit ports , 3 receive ports (P2 and P4) and one antenna port (P1). It offers two major benefits in carrier aggregation systems viz. less space and low cost.

Following are the technical specifications of Hexaplexer filter to be considered while selecting or buying.
• Bands or frequency range
• Insertion Loss (in transmit direction)
• Compact Form Factor
• Power handling capacity at input ports
• VSWR at Tx port, ANT port
• Attenuation at different frequency range
• Tx to Rx Isolation

Example :
Qorvo model numbers QM26001 and QM26002 are used as hexaplexer filters or as multiplexers in LTE-advanced and 5G NR architectures.

Hexaplexer filter manufacturers

Following table mentions Hexaplexer filter manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

Hexaplexer filter Manufacturers Description
Qorvo • Model : QM26001
• It functions as Band 1 + Band 3 + Band 7 Multiplexer device.
• It is used in LTE advanced and 5G NR systems.
• It enables carrier aggregation and EN-DC.
• It offers best insertion loss, isolation and power handling.
• Website : http://www.qorvo.com/
Qualcomm Technologies and RF360 Holdings • The company develops hexaplexer which uses different filter technologies (BAW, TC-SAW, Zero TCF-SAW) for different cellular bands (B25, B66 and B30). Band 25 covers transmit band (from 1850 to 1915 MHz) and receive band ( from 1930 to 1995 MHz). Band 66 covers transmit band (1710 -1780 MHz) and receive band (2110 - 2200 MHz). Band 30 covers transmit band (2305 - 2315 MHz) and receive band (2350 - 2360).
Avago technologies ( A Broadcom Limited Company) • Model : ACFM-2063 (CA B25/B2-B30-B66) and ACFM-1037 (CA B1-B3-B7) are as per FBAR multiplexer technology.
•  ACFM-2063 supports B25 TX (1850 - 1950 MHz), RX (1930 - 1995 MHz); B30 TX (2305 - 2315 MHz), RX (2350 - 2360 MHz); B66 TX (1710 - 1780 MHz), RX (2110 - 2200 MHz)
• ACFM-1037 supports B1 TX (1920 - 1980 MHz), Rx (2110 - 2170 MHz) ; B3 TX (1710 - 1785 MHz), Rx (1805 - 1880 MHz); B7 TX (2500 - 2570 MHz), RX (2620 - 2690 MHz)
• Website: www.broadcom.com

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