Hardware vendors WiMAX

Following secion lists out leading hardware manufacturers of wimax equipments,devices and test and measurement equipments,channel emulator, antenna,remote radio head and more.

Hardware vendors of wimax- Equipment

Proxim Web- www.proxim.com

Airspan Web- www.airspan.com

Redline communication Web- www.rdlcom.com

Alvarion Web- www.alvarion.com

Apertonetworks Web- www.apertonet.com

Artizanetworks Web- www.artizanetworks.com

Cavium Web- www.cavium.com

Fujitsu Web- www.fujitsu.com

INTEL Web- www.intel.com

IXIA Web- www.ixiacom.com

SEQUANS Web- www.sequans.com

WiMAX Semiconductor Devices

sequans Web- www.sequans.com

broadcom Web- www.broadcom.com

intel Web- www.intel.com

gct semiconductor Web- www.gctsemi.com

samsung Web- www.samsung.com

runcom Web- www.runcom.com

cavium networks Web- www.cavium.com

altair semiconductor Web- www.altair-semi.com

mediatek Web- www.mediatek.com

picochip Web- www.picochip.com

apacewave Web- www.apacewave.com

WiMAX Test and Measurement Solutions

advantest Web-www.advantest.co.jp

lyrtech Web- www.lyrtech.com

anritsu Web-www.anritsu.com

rohde-schwarz Web-www2.rohde-schwarz.com

National Instruments Web-www.ni.com

Agilent Web-www.agilent.com

Sanjole Web-www.sanjole.com

ztec instruments Web-www.ztecinstruments.com

aeroflex Web-www.aeroflex.com

Tektronix Web- www.tek.com

litepoint Web-www.litepoint.com

cellmetric Web- www.cellmetric.co.uk

Wisytech Web-www.wisytech.com

MobileMetrics Web-www.mobilemetrics.net

Channel Emulator for WiMAX Testing

aricent Web- www.aricent.com

azimuthsystems Web- www.azimuthsystems.com

WiMAX Antennas

wimo Web-www.wimo.com

kbtusa Web-www.kbtusa.com

etiworld Web-www.etiworld.com

lairdtech Web-www.lairdtech.com

WiMAX Remote Radio Head

axisnt Web-www.axisnt.com

powerwave Web-www.powerwave.com

zte Web-wwwen.zte.com.cn

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