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Handheld VNA Manufacturers | Vector Network Analyzer Vendors

This page mentions Handheld VNA Manufacturers or Vector Network Analyzer Vendors. The popular manufacturers of VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) are Anritsu, AEA technology, Copper Mountain Technologies, Keysight, Tektronix etc.

What is VNA ?

The network analyzer are of two types viz. SNA (Scalar Network Analyzer) and VNA (Vector Network Analyzer). NA is used for various measurements such as transmission/reflection coefficients, insertion loss, return loss, group delay, S-parameters etc.

SNA measures only magnitude related parameters where as VNA measures amplitude and phase related parameters. SNA sweeps faster where as VNA sweeps slower during measurements.

Network Analyzer basics and types-SNA,VNA

The figure depicts block diagram of internal components of a network analyzer. Network analyzer consists of source and multiple receivers. It measures broadband frequency signal using techniques such as power and frequency sweep.

Following are the parameters or criteria is used in selection of appropriate VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) for your need.
• Frequency range of use
• Dynamic range
• Number of test ports
• Trace Noise
• Speed of measurement
• Type of VNA (benchtop, PXI or USB)
• Interfaces such as Ethernet, Firewire, GPIB, USB etc.

Applications of VNA include following.
• Antenna tuning •  Filter tuning and measurements •  Amplifier measurements •  cable and connector measurements • Automated testing during R&D and production stages and so on.

Handheld VNA Manufacturers

Following table mentions Handheld VNA Manufacturers with model or part numbers and technical features.

Handheld VNA Manufacturers Description
Anritsu • Model : MS2028C (for 2 port and 2 path measurements)
• Frequency range: 5 KHz to 20 GHz
• Measurement speed : 350 µs per point
• It has three receiver architecture.
• It measures and displays all 2 port S parameters at once.
• Applications : cable and antenna measurements, filter tuning in the field.
• Other Model : MS2035B (VNA + spectrum analyzer functionalities) with frequency coverage from 9 KHz to 6 GHz
• Website : Anritsu.com
AEA Technology • Models : 6050-5100 and 6050-5150 (VNA Site analyzers)
• Measurements : S11 and S21 ports, Tracking Generator, SWR (Standing Wave Ratio), Return loss, FDR(Frequency Domain Reflectometer), frequency domain spectrum analysis etc.
•  Other models: VIA ECHO handheld VNAs (Model 1000, 1000SF, 2500) ; Via Bravo MRI Coil Analyzers (3 models with part numbers 6015-5000, 6015-5250, 6015-5251) ; Via Bravo Analyzers (3 models with part numbers 6014-5000, 6014-5250, 6014-5300)
• Website : aeatechnology.com
Copper Mountain Technologies • Model : R60
• 1-port 6 GHz VNA (Vector Network Analyzer)
• Measured parameters : S11 as Log Magnitude, DTF, Smith chart and more
• Sweep types : Linear frequency, log frequency, segment
• Other model : R180 1-Port 18 GHz VNA
• Website : coppermountaintech.com
Keysight Technologies • Model : N9928A
• Frequency : 26.5 GHz max.
• Ports : 2 (Built-in)
• Weight : 6.6 lb. (i.e. 3.0 kg)
• Perform accurate testing with QuickCal, full 2-port unknown thru Cal, TRL
• Other model : N9927A FieldFox handheld VNA
• Website : keysight.com
Tektronix • Model : TTR500 series
• Features : 2-port, 2-path vector network analyzer
• Frequency range : Up to 6 GHz
• Output power : - 50 to + 7 dBm
• Dynamic Range : > 122 dB
• Website : in.tek.com

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