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HPDC resistor manufacturers | High Power Density Chip Resistor

This page mentions HPDC (High Power Density Chip) Resistor manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of HPDC resistor include TT electronics, Rohm Co., Ohmite Mfg. Co., Viking Tech Corporation, KOA Corporation etc.

What is HPDC resistor ?

The HPDC resistors are specially designed resistors which can be used for various applications which include power management, heating, actuator controls, motor drives, power amplifiers, power supplies etc.

These resistors use higher thermal conductivity compare to conventional chip resistors. They offer large area terminations to provide better thermal contacts on PCB surface.

The benefits or advantages of HPDC resistors are as follows.
➨It saves PCB area.
➨It boosts reliability.
➨It restricts temperature rise at areas of hotspots of components due to larger thermal contact.
➨It enhances heat transfer from element to terminal.

HPDC resistor Manufacturers or vendors

Following table mentions popular manufacturers of HPDC resistor.

Manufacturers Description
TT Electronics The company manufactures HPDC resistors with ratings of 2.4 W and 3.5 W with 1206 and 2512 footprints respectively.
Refer Website : www.ttelectronics.com for more information.
ROHM CO., LTD. The company manufactures high power low ohmic chip resistors.
Refer website www.rohm.com for more information.
Ohmite Mfg Co. The company manufactures thick film resistors which can easily be integrated with heatsinkable package used in high wattage applications. These surface mount resistors can be mounted on one side of PCB.
Refer www.ohmite.com for more information.
Viking Tech Corporation Taiwan and USA The company manufactures thick film high power chip resistor using Aluminum Nitride Substrate. Supports resistance values from 3ohm to 2Kohm and in sizes 1206 and 2512.
Email : sales@viking.com.tw
Refer viking.com.tw for more information.
KOA Corporation, Tokyo, Japan The company produces general purpose resistors, high quality resistors and power resistors.
Refer www.koaglobal.com for more information.

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