High Frequency radio (HF radio) modem manufacturers/suppliers/vendors.

HF radio modem is the device used for data communication over High Frequency radio link. The page lists HF radio modem manufacturers/suppliers/vendors.

HF radio modem from Kantronics-www.kantronics.com

High Frequency Radio modem or HF radio modem, wireless modem and more.

DRS- www.drs.com

Model GA 123 HF radio modem, SDR, sonar, avionics, control systems, and more.

Harris- https://rf.harris.com

RF 5710A HF radio modem and more.

Tele Design Systems- www.teledesignsystems.com

Model- TS 4000 HF Radio modem supports VHF/UHF. Other products include SCADA, GPS, wireless modems and more.

Raveon- www.raveon.com

VHF and UHF radio modems

Red Cross Communication, Austria-www.scs-ptc.com

DR 7400 HF radio modem

HF radio modem from Pactor Communications, Australia- www.pca.cc

HF radio modem

HF radio modem from HAL Communications Corp. USA.- www.halcomm.com

HF data modem Model-DSP4100/2K and more other products.

RapidM- www.rapidm.com

HF modem, VHF modem for data communication over radio and more communication solutions.


Standard for data applications over High Frequency Radio wave, STANAG 5066, REFER following link for more information.


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