Top Fleet Management Software developers with benefits

This page mentions top fleet management software developers or vendors. It mentions advantages or benefits of fleet management software and maintenance system.

What is Fleet Management Software ?

It is a computer software which enables management and maintenance of fleet of vehicles from anywhere using mobile phones or any other computing devices.

Fleet management software (FMS) performs many functions such as data accumulation, data storage, data processing, monitoring, report generation and export of information as desired. It uses GPS sensors installed on the vehicles and GPS satellites to collect the information. Cellular networks such as GSM, 3G or LTE are also used to obtain location and data from vehicle installed sensors.

The common functions include vehicle management, driver management, incident management, tracking and so on.

Fleet Management Software

As shown in the figure, the FMS can be accessed using any computing device such as smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. The fleet management software helps to manage entire fleet. It minimizes fleet costs and maximize utilization of vehicles.

Advantages or benefits of Fleet Management Software

Following are the advantages or benefits of Fleet Management software:
➨It offers real time visibility and maintenance information over all fleet asset using desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
➨It helps to streamline processes quickly which provides performance and cost reports.
➨It alerts with upcoming and overdue events.
➨It can be accessed from anywhere in the world using internet.
➨It is secure software.
➨It does not require any additional installation.
➨It ensures safety and reduced fuel consumption and consecutively costs.
➨It predicts un-safe drivers, collision detection, optimized routing, predictive maintenance and so on.

Fleet Management System Architecture

The figure depicts architecture of fleet management system. Refer working of the fleet management system, FMS system components, advantages (i.e. benefits) and disadvantages (i.e. challenges or drawbacks).

Fleet Management Software Vendors or developers

Following table mentions best fleet management software with their benefits or advantages.

Fleet Management Software Company Product, Features and Benefits
Chevin Fleet Solutions • Product : Chevin Fleetwave
• The fleetwave software system improves management of vehicles, assets, equipments, maintenance, repair, fuel, scheduling, compliance etc.
• The product purchase cost include charges for installation, configuration, data conversion, on-site training and on-going support.
• Other specific solutions are available which include asset management, fuel management, fleet driver management, fleet inventory management, fleet accident management, fleet maintenance management etc.
• Website :
• Email :
Rarestep, Inc. Birmingham, AL 35203 • Product : Fleetio
• It is used to track, analyze and improve the fleet operations
• Features : Track vehicle and equipment details, automate maintenance handling and resolution, simplify fuel data collection and improve accuracy etc.
• Pricing : Pro version $5 per vehicle/month, Advanced version : $7 per vehicle/month, Add ons are charged extra
• Website :
• Email :
Fleetx, Gurugram, INDIA • Product : Intelligent fleet maangement and GPS tracking software
• Features and benefits : Efficient fleet maintenance, improve fleet productivity and utilization, reduce fuel and operations cost etc.
• The products are used by DTDC, OM Logistics Ltd, Orange Cabs, PEPSICO, EXPRESS ROADWAYS PVT. LTD
• Website :
• Email :
US Fleet Tracking, 2912 NW, 156th Street Edmond, OK • Product : GPS tracking solution
•  It provides GPS tracking and asset management which helps to save time and money by tracking assets.
• Website :
• Email :
LocoNav, Gurugram, Haryana, INDIA • Product : Fleet Management solutions software
• Features : Real time GPS fleet tracking, fleet lock, live alerts, fleet health, control fleet operations, manage fleet's fuel cost etc.
• Website :
• Email :

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