EV battery Manufacturers | EV battery Vendors in INDIA, China, USA, UK

This page mentions list of EV battery Manufacturers or vendors in INDIA, China, USA and UK. The popular vendors or manufacturers of EV battery include LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, CATL, Panasonic, SK Innovation Co. Ltd., AESC, REPT etc.

What is Electric Vehicle (EV) ?

The electric vehicles run using electric motor and battery. These vehicles do not require support of internal combustion (IC) engine traditionally used. They require battery to be charged at regular intervals using electricity.

There are three types of electric vehicles viz. battery electric vehicle, plugin hybrid electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle. The popular manufacturers of electric vehicles are Tesla, BMW, Mitsubishi, GM, Ford etc.

Electric Vehicle parts including EV battery

The figure shows electric vehicle (EV) car parts including EV battery. EVs use high capacity lithium ion battery cell technologies. These batteries use blend of nickel, magnesium, cobalt and aluminium. Hence it produces reliable power and available at cheaper cost. They are designed as flat rectangular pouch shape to reduce space between cells and to be stacked horizontally.

These EV batteries offer higher energy density in smaller space. Based on power requirement of the vehicles different number of batteries are stacked in modules which are mounted on electric vehicles. These battery based modules helps to build different kinds of vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, cars, large crossovers etc.

Manufacturers of EV battery

Following is the list of few of the EV battery manufacturers across the world.

EV battery Manufacturers Description
LG Energy Solution Address : 07335 Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Website : https://www.lgensol.com/
Phone: +49-6196-5719-600
Samsung SDI Address: [17084] 150-20, GONGSE-RO GIHEUNG-GU, YONGIN-SI, GYEONGGI-DO
Website: https://www.samsungsdi.com/
Email : jhyuk.choi@samsung.com; sdimaster@samsung.com
CATL Address : No. 2, Xingang Road, Zhangwan Town, Jiaocheng District, Ningde, Fujian, P.R. China
Website : https://www.catl.com/
Phone : +86 0593-8901666
Panasonic Corporation of North America Address : 6th Floor, Two Riverfront Plaza, Newark, NJ 07102-5490
Weblink : https://na.panasonic.com/explore/spotlight/future-ev-battery
SK Innovation Co. Ltd. Address : 26, Jongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone : +82-2-2121-5114
Website : http://eng.skinnovation.com/
Gotion High Tech Address : 48660 Kato Rd Fremont, CA 94538
Phone : +1-510-249-5610
Email : info@gotion.com
Website : https://www.gotion.com/
BYD Co. Address : 3009 BYD Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Phone : +86-755-89888888
Website : https://www.byd.com/
China Aviation Lithium Battery Address : 36 Binhe Road High-tech Development Zone Luoyang, Henan, 471009 China
Phone : 86-379-6511-2312
Website : www.calb.cn
REPT (Ruipu Energy Co.) Address : No 205, Binghai Six Road, New Airport Industry Area, Longwan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province
Phone : 0577-86870321
Website : https://www.chinarept.com/
Automotive Energy Supply Corp. (AESC) Address : 8/F, Building B, SOHO Zhongshan Plaza, 1065 West Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, China
Website : https://www.envision-aesc.com/en/aboutus/

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