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This page describes EMI and EMC measurements and provides manufacturers of EMI shielding material,EMC shielding material,emc enclosure or RF shielded enclosure,pcb shielding and more. It covers various EMI/EMC stuff vendors which include Holland Shielding Systems, Laird Technologies, Stockwell Elastomerics, Shielding Solutions Limited, eMEI Group,3M,RAMAYES,Aeroflex,Willtek Communications,Agilent,R & S etc.

EMI stands for Electromagnetic Interference, one device's radiated field if not properly shielded/grounded will affect functioning of another nearby device.
EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility,one device's conducted electric noise if not controlled will affect nearby device.
EMI and EMC are very important for any electronic/wireless equipments/devices.

EMI EMC measurements

EMI/EMC Testing include following measurements on the device under test(DUT). Conducted Emission, Radiated Emission, Conducted Immunity, Radiated Immunity. Various standards such as European standards for EMC have been developed to streamline the EMI/EMC certification process.

List of EMC standards followed worldwide can be obtained from following link:
CISPR (International Special Committee for Radio Interference) develops standards for radiated/conducted EMI(Electromagnetic Interference). CISPR is part of IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission).


Figure is taken from Wikimedia commons. Figure depicts four modes of EMI coupling i.e. Radiative,Inductive, Capacitive, Conductive.


Figure is taken from Wikimedia commons. Figure depicts two modes of electromagnetic coupling i.e. radiative coupling & conductive coupling.

EMI EMC shielding materials

Following are the companies which manufactures shielding materials,gaskets and more used for meeting the EMI/EMC specifications for the electronic/wireless product manufacturers.

Holland Shielding Systems BV-www.hollandshielding.com

Products include EMI/IP gaskets,shields,thermal materials,absorbers, ferrites,pcb shielding and more EMI/EMC stuff.

Laird Technologies- www.lairdtech.com

EMI shielding stuff and various types of Gaskets,microwave absorber, conductive taps,ferrite products(ferrite plate,ferrite chip inductor,ferrite cable cores and more).

Stockwell Elastomerics- www.stockwell.com

EMI shielding stuff and gaskets.

Shielding Solutions Limited- www.rfi-shielding.com

EMI/RFI shielding materials, components, conductive adhesives, shielding gaskets and more.

eMEI Group- www.emeigroup.com/en/

Thermal management and adhesive materials,inductive components,emi shielding materials, and more.

3M- www.3m.com

3M has EMI/EMC products which include adhesive tapes, gaskets,EMI absorber,EMI shielding tapes and EMC test and measurement instruments.

EMI EMC Enclosures

Following are companies who manufacture enclosures which helps perform DUT measurements without the effect of any Electro-Magnetic Interference. The enclosures will have openings to bring cables outside. It also houses RS232 or RJ45 ethernet ports for external monitoring and control. It houses connectors for AC as well as DC power supply connectivity to the DUT. As the need arises comoanies are working towards providing other interface ports also.

RAMAYES- www.ramayes.com

It provides EMC,Microwave,RF and environment test and measurement systems. It includes rf shielded test enclosure,rf shielded tents,rf shielded pouches, rf shielded cabinets,connectors and more.

Aeroflex- www.aeroflex.com

Aeroflex Model 4933 is RF shielded enclosure.

Willtek Communications, Acquired by Aeroflex- www.willtek.com

Model- 4933 RF Shield box extra large in size.

EMI and EMC Test Equipments

Following are test equipments manufactured by various companies for EMI,EMC and EMS measurements. These equipments are ideal for pre-certification and pre-compliance testing.

Agilent Technologies- www.home.agilent.com, ERETEC- www.eretec.com

Agilent Technologies Inc is the leader in RF and wireless test and measurement for all your need. They have solutions for all the wireless technologies viz. WLAN,WiMAX,LTE,etc. Agilent has following products for EMI EMC test need.
EMC Scanner with controlling software. Models available are RCE 25 and RCE 40.
EMI Receiver Model N9038A
EMI Measurement software application N6141A
Eretec has EMC chambers, antennas and test chambers.

Aeroflex- www.aeroflex.com

Model 3250 Spectrum analyzer: It is ideal for EMC measurements and EMI receiver testing.

R&S- www.rohde-schwarz.com

Model :ESCS30 EMI receiver and EMI analyzer functionality.

CEMS 100 test platform is ideal for pre-certification and pre-compliance EMS(Electromagnetic susceptibility) and EMI measurements. This product provides measurements as per IEC/EN 61000-4-3 standard.

ESRP EMI test receiver and spectrum analyzer is available from Rohde & Schwarz.

ETS Lindgren

ETS Lindgren has developed following EMC test equipments which are very useful for pre-certification testing.

Model 2171B Boresight antenna tower designed and developed to meet ANSI standard C63.4. This product is useful for measurements above the frequency of 1GHz.

Red Edge series of products are aimed at helping the EMI/EMC community to negate the effect of high altitute EM pulse and international EMI threat.

Models 3116C-PA and 3117-PA which is double ridged waveguide horn and Log antenna with matched preamplifiers.

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