EDA Tools Basics | Vendors of EDA Tools

This page mentions common EDA tools used for circuit design, simulation, layout and testing. It covers popular vendors of EDA tools.

EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation. EDA tools are the application softwares used to design electronic circuits/systems.

Following are the features of EDA tools.
• Helps to design and simulate electronic circuits on computer or laptop.
• Helps in analyzing behaviour of the circuit before the prototype is ready.
• Helps in rough estimate of the cost of the product under development.
• Helps in testing the circuit with different inputs and their impact on the functionining of the circuit and their outputs.
• EDA tools are used in PCB designing as well as IC designing also.

Common EDA Tools | Vendors

Following table mentions common EDA tools used for electronic circuit design, simulation, layout, optimization and testing.

EDA Tools Description
LiveWire It is a simple EDA tool used for simulation & synthesis of circuits. It comes with PCB wizard which helps in PCB layout.
Multisim One of the most common EDA tools in electronic industry. It is used for drawing and simulation of circuits. It helps in PCB layout also. It has capabilities to simulate mixed circuit consisting of both analog and digital parts.
Proteus This design suite is developed by Labcenter Electronics Ltd.
OrCAD This tool is popular since years. It has been developed by Cadence Design Systems. It includes schematic capture or editor, circuit simulator (known as PSpice) and PCB designer versions.


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