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E-Cigarette manufacturers | E-Cigarette advantages, features

This page covers E-Cigarette basics, E-Cigarette manufacturers with features and benefits or advantages of E-Cigarette. List of Public and private e-cigarette companies are also mentioned.

What is E-Cigarette?

• The term E-Cigarette refers to Electronic Cigarette. It is electronic device which simulates experience of tobacco smoking similar to traditional cigarette.
• It contains e-liquid which gets heated to generate "aerosol" known as "vapor". This vapor is inhaled by users. This process of inhalation is also known as vaping.
• It is adopted by users in order to quit tobacco smoking which is harmful for health.
• Normally e-liquid or e-juice consists of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol and flavorings. E-liquids may or may not contain substance like nicotine.


• E-cigarettes do not use any tobacco substance.
• E-cigarette emits vapor which is less toxic compare to smoke emitted by traditional cigarette.
• The vapor smell emitted by e-cigarettes exist for less than 30 seconds. Hence it does not have any side effects to nearby passive smokers.
• E-cigarette costs less compare to normal cigarette.

E-Cigarette Manufacturers | E-Cigarette Companies

Following table mentions E-Cigarette from popular manufacturers around the world. There are many public and private e-cigarette manufacturers across the globe.

The independent public e-cigarette companies include ECIG, Vapor Hub, Vapor Corp., MCIG, Gilla Inc., Vape Holdings Inc., NHALE etc.

The independent private e-cigarette companies include Ballantyne Brands, NJOY Inc., CB Distributors Inc., IVG, Logic, Halco, Gamucci, VMR, XEO International, Jocor Enterprises LLC, Madvapes LLC, Nicotek LLC, Provape Inc., PremiumEstore LLC, Spark Industries LLC, Halo Companies Inc., Vapor 4 Life, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes etc.

Manufacturers Description
MarkTen The popular e-vapor or e-cigarette include Markten Original and Markten Elite. Markten original has 12 flavors and Elite has 5 flavors.
Nicocig There are various flavors of electronic cigarettes. Visit nicocig.co.uk to buy the desired e-cigarettes.
Reynolds American, Inc. VUSE e-cigarettes available in various flavors. It is manufactured by Reynolds American, Inc. The products can be purchased online at electrictobacconist.com
Fin Experience FIN e-cigarettes are available for purchase at fincigs.com
Gilla Inc. (gilla.com) EVOKE e-cigarettes

Advantages of E-Cigarette

Following are the benefits or advantages of E-Cigarette.
➨It has same health benefits as if person has quitted the smoking.
➨Smokers will not get cough and phlegm.
➨Smokers will not get wheezing and tightness problems in chest.
➨Person will regain better physical stamina and cardio.
➨It can be used at anytime and almost anywhere.
➨No tobacco, no tar, no smoke and no lingering odor.

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