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This page mentions top Data Mining companies in INDIA. It provides link to companies in the data mining domain.

Company Description Web Address Link
Asplor The company offers marketing research, data mining and analysis solutions in various markets which include automotive, healthcare, medical and other industries.
BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited The company serves different data mining markets including analysis and research on data related to various applications.
Brightleaf Solutions The company has data mining analysis solutions for different document formats and data formats.
Datum Informatics It is contextual Data Analytics and Cyber Intelligence firm. The company is specialized in big data, data processing and advanced analytics solutions.
Faith e-commerce services The company provides design and development of e-commerce stores. Moreover it provides solutions for data processing, data mining, analyzing, filtering, processing of the data.
Adept data services Offers solutions for different data mining types.
Azurebiz solutions provides softwares and solutions in data mining domain.
Cignus Web It is data mining services company.
E-Datapro data mining solutions and services company
SunTec data mining and web research services

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