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Contact and Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers

This page lists Contact and Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers or Vendors in INDIA and USA. The popular manufacturers of thermometers are ...

Introduction :
The device which measures temperature is known as thermometer. Based on material and its measurement method, there are different types of thermometer. The commonly found among these are manometric thermometer, liquid-in-glass thermometer, gas thermometer, Bimetallic thermometer, probe thermometer, laser thermometer, digital thermometer, infrared thermometer etc.

Based on contact or non-contact technique, these are further categorized into contact thermometer and non-contact thermometer.

Contact Thermometer

The thermometer which requires contact with the item whose temperature is to be measured is known as contact thermometer.

Contact Thermometers

Examples: Pocket food thermometer, liquid thermometer, digital thermometer etc.

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

The thermometer which does not require any surface or body contact is known as non-contact thermometer.

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Examples : Infrared thermometer, Laser thermometer etc.

Contact thermometer and Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers in INDIA and USA

Following table lists popular manufacturers or vendors of thermometers in INDIA and USA.

Thermometer Manufacturers Description
Angelus Medical & Optical Equipment California, USA
Aoss Medical Supply Louisiana, USA
BV Medical Illinois, USA
Dealmed New York, USA
Exergen Corp Massachusetts, USA
LCR Hallcrest Illinois, USA
Mediaid California, USA ; manuafacturers of digital and infrared thermometers
ThermoWorks Utah, USA
Waitz Corporation Pennsylvania, USA
Hicks Thermometers India Ltd. UP, India
Indosurgicals Pvt. Ltd New Delhi, India
Calcutta Instrument Corporation Kolkata, India
Fluke Corporation Contact and non-contact thermometer
Gilma INDIA, Infrared Thermometer at low cost
APOLLO HOSPITALS ENTERPRISES LTD INDIA, Digital Thermometer manufacturer
Dr Trust USA, Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer manufacturer

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