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Battery Monitoring Fuel Gauge IC manufacturers | Maxim, ST, ON semi

This page covers Battery Monitoring Fuel Gauge IC manufacturers or vendors. The manufacturers of Fuel Gauge IC used for battery monitoring include Maxim Integrated, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor etc.

Introduction: The fuel gauge IC is used to monitor state of charge and health of the battery. This IC helps in predicting how long battery can provide the power under specific operating conditions. This helps user to avoid sudden shutdown of the battery operated device in order to enhance user experience.

Fuel Gauge IC ?

As mentioned this IC is used to monitor battery voltage continuously. The applications of fuel gauge IC include wireless speakers, medical devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, e-bikes, financial terminals, printers, cameras, robots, AR/VR devices etc.

All the ICs will be interfaced with the battery terminals. The IC stores various parameters in internal registers. All these ICs have I2C interface which provides access to registers with vital informations such as remaining capacity of battery, state of charge (SOC) , temperature etc. I2C interface has two pins viz. serial clock and serial data.

MAX17261 | Battery Monitoring IC from Maxim Integrated

Following are the features of batery monitoring IC MAX17261 from Maxim.
• Use of ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm
• Automatic compensation of temperature, discharge rate and cell aging
• Provides SOC in % , battery capacity in mAh etc.
• It provides accurate measurements of voltage, current, temperature etc.
• It has two wire I2C interface to access control and data registers.
• Provides time-to-empty and time-to-full estimations
• No calibration needed
• Visit : Maxim Integrated >> for more information

LC709203F | Fuel Gauge IC from ON Semiconductor

Following are the features of Fuel Gauge IC LC709203F from ON Semiconductor.
• Designed for 1 cell lithium ion/polymer battery
• Uses HG-CVR algorithm to measure relative State of Charge (RSOC) of the battery.
• It eliminates use of sense resistor to provide accurate RSOC measurement irrespective of various conditions such as change in temperature, battery, loading, self discharge, aging etc.
• It provides precision voltage measurement with low power consumption.
• It takes care of temperature compensation.
• It houses I2C interface.
• Visit : ON Semiconductor >> for more information

STC3117 | Battery Monitoring IC from STMicroelectronics

Following are the features of batery monitoring IC STC3117 from STMicroelectronics.
• It provides very accurate state of charge (SOC) of the battery using ST's proprietary algorithm.
• It offers programmable low battery alarm in addition to missing/swapped battery operation.
• It houses temperature sensor, sigma-delta ADC, I2C interface, registers etc.
• ADC (A to D converter) is used to measure the current, voltage and temperature.
• Visit : ST Microelectronics >> for more information

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