BER(Bit Error Rate) test and measurement

As we know BER is very important for any system and it measures the performance of the system at various signal to noise ratios. Usually it is measured at various SNR as desired by the system under designed based on various real time channel models for respective systems.

In this BER equipment, known PRBS pattern has been fed as input to the transmitter part of the source and data received at other side is looped back to the source.
To understand the concept, pls. refer Bit error rate basics➤➤.

There may be slight variation in the specification or limits for different wireless technologies/standards. But the basic fundamental is that we would like to measure number of bits received in error with respect to the total bits transmitted. The concept of BLER and DBLER has been introduced as variation to the normal BER based on the specific GSM system requirements.
Refer BER vs BLER vs DBLER➤➤.

Following are some of the reputed manufacturers of BER(Bit Error Rate) test and measurement equipments. It include product vendors such as Tektronix,Agilent Technologies,Anritsu, GL Communications Inc.,GAO Tek Inc., Luceo Technologies, GmbH, Centellax and more.


Bit Error Rate Testers from Tektronix, BSA Series

Agilent Technologies

BER Tester(BERT)
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Test & measurement products, supports data rate from 3 Gbps to 50 Gbps.(MP series)
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GL Communications Inc.

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BER Test applications for T1/E1 link.

GAO Tek Inc.

handheld E1 line Bit Error Rate testing equipment
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Luceo Technologies, GmbH

single and multiple channel BER Tester.

Centellax,CA 95403, USA

Single,multi-channel BER Test solutions for ethernet,SONET,SDH
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Other Bit Error Rate Tester/Test Equipment Companies

Vendor or Manufacturer
Aeroflex Incorporated,USA.
Website -
Digital Lightwave Inc, USA. Website-
EXFO Inc, Canada , Website -
Fluke Networks, USA, Website -
Inphi Corporation,CA,USA. Website-
LeCroy, Website -
Reach Technologies Inc. Website-
Spirent Communications,UK. Website -
Sunrise Telecom Incorporated,USA. Website -
SHF Communication Technologies,AG. Website-
Spectronix, 6Mbits/s to 11.4 Gbits/s Bit Error rate testers. Website -
SyntheSys Research, acquired by Tektronix
Yokogawa Electric Corporation Inc,Japan. Website -


BER-This page describes Bit Error Rate basics and measurement of Bit Error Rate for VSAT system.
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