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This page mentions Accelerometer vendors or manufacturers. It mentions part numbers of Accelerometer from different manufacturers/vendors.

About Accelerometer:
The device which senses acceleration is known as accelerometer. The unit of acceleration is g (i.e. g-force) which is equal to 9.8 m/sec2.
Refer Accelerometer basics and working principle.

Following technical specifications are considered while selecting the right accelerometer as per system requirements.
• Excitation in mA
• Sensitivity in mV/g
• Frequency range
• Vibration Amplitude range in g
• Temperature range
• Output impedance
• Noise Rejection
• Noise spectral at 10/100/1000 Hz in µg/Hz2 (rms)
• Bias Voltage
• Modularized or surface mount type

Accelerometer Vendors or Manufacturers Part Number with Description
NXP Semiconductor FXLN83xxQ: Used as analog Accelerometer
MMA8491Q: Used as digital Accelerometer
Other Accelerometer in 10/12/14 bit sizes are available.
OMEGA Engineering ACC-301A
Analog Devices ADXL354, ADXL355 etc.
ST Microelectronics Different types are available from ST which include MEMS motion sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, MEMS acceleration sensor etc.
MEMSIC Inc. MA 01810 (MEMS Accelerometer)
Dytran Instruments Inc. Modularized tri-axial accelerometers and more.
Vernier, USA 3-axis accelerometer
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. analog (1 axis), digital (1 axis, 2 axis, 3 axis) types are available
Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark
type 4321 (triaxial piezoelectric charge),
type 4326-A (miniature)
Hansford Sensors Different types of accelerometers are available which include AC vibration type, AC velocity type and transmitters.

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