5G mmwave signal power booster manufacturers or vendors

This page covers 5G mmwave signal power booster manufacturers or vendors. The popular manufacturers of 5G mmwave signal booster are SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, SureCall, Millimeter Wave Products, Ericsson, FRTek, Movandi etc.

What is 5G mmwave signal booster ?

5G (Fifth Generation) mobile technology uses two frequency bands viz. FR1 and FR2. FR1 covers 450 to 6000 MHz frequency range where as FR2 covers 24250 to 52600 MHz. FR2 uses millimeter wave (mmwave) frequencies in different bands. The common mmwave frequency bands include n257 (26.5-29.5 GHz), n258 (24.25-27.5 GHz), n259 (39.5-43.5GHz), n260 (37-40 GHz), n262 (47.2-48.2) etc. The mmwave spectrum offers wide bandwidth and delivers high data rates. Mmwave wireless system requires smaller size antennas and hence multiple antennas can be packed in various array configurations. This antenna arrays offer high gain and supports beamforming capabilities. Moreover mmwave antennas are easy to integrate in 5G mmwave mobile handsets.

5G mmwave signal booster

The other components used in mmwave cellular system include mmwave transceivers, mmwave signal boosters, mmwave RF front ends, mmwave filters etc. 5G mmwave signal booster boosts the 5G RF signal before transmission into the air by mmwave antenna as shown. This helps in meeting RF link budget requirements in 5G network. It is connected in the transmit path after outdoor unit before antenna port. These 5G boosters are useful to many service providers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile to extend their 5G mmwave network coverage.

Following are the specifications of mmwave signal booster used to extend coverage of 5G network.
• Standards/Technologies (4G LTE, 5G. PCS, AWS) Supported
• Uplink parameters (Frequency, gain, gain adjustment, output power etc.)
• Downlink parameters (Frequency, gain, output power, noise figure etc.)
• VSWR, Input/Output impedance, power consumption, RF connector types, dimensions, weight, certifications etc.

5G mmwave signal power booster manufacturers

Following table mentions manufacturers of mmwave signal booster for 5G network with their respective technical features.

Manufacturers Description
SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Group Develops mmwave power booster in E band (i.e. 71-86GHz). It delivers more than 10dB power and data rates up to 10 Gbps in 2 GHz Channel.
Website : siaemic.com
SureCall, Fremont, CA, USA Part number : SC-Force8
Features : Supports 4G LTE, 5G, PCS, AWS, T-Mobile (600 MHz) standards, Improves signals so that voice, text and data can be transmitted with required link budgets etc. Website : surecall.com for user manual and data sheet.
Millimeter Wave Products Inc. USA The company manufactures microwave and mmwave power amplifiers for 5G and 6G applications in 50 to 75 GHz band. It offers small signal gain of about 25 dB and output power of +25 dBm. In addition to power amplifiers, Mi-wave offers various mmwave products which include mmwave antennas, mmwave attenuators, couplers, detectors, isolators, circulators, filters etc.
Website : miwv.com
Ericsson The company develops complete solutions for 5G NR in mid bands (FR1, Sub-6GHz) and high bands (FR2, mmwave).
Website : ericsson.com
FRTek USA, Japan, Korea Develops smart repeaters in mmwave bands viz. n258 (24/26 GHz), n257/n261 (28 GHz) and n260 (39 GHz). These smart repeaters extend 5G mmwave network coverage. FRTek works in partnership with semiconductor and OEM companies such as Movandi to develop 5G mmwave range repeaters.
Refer Websites : frtek.com and movandi.com for more information.

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