What is cloud storage | definition of cloud storage

The cloud storage refers to the service in which user data is remotely maintained, managed as well as backed up or stored. The service is usually available to the users over internet. In this concept, user will store the files online using internet to the external servers maintained by the cloud storage service providers. Once the files are stored, these can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the use of internet.

Cloud storage provides user ease and convenience to handle the data backup and retrieval. Here user need not have to keep pen drive or carry harddisk along with him on travel. But, this will often add to the cost of the users to utilize the cloud storage services for large amount of data storage. Moreover cloud storage is much slower compare to local storage backup for the huge amount of data.

what is cloud storage

Logically there are two main components in this system viz. cloud drive and IP enabled devices (such as laptop, desktop, mobile phones). The IP device and cloud drive get synchronized as and when data is dragged and dropped in the folders of the cloud drive available remotely. The cloud data storage services are free to store data upto few GBs. After free data limit, it will be charged on monthly basis. Figure-1 depicts user devices or applications of cloud storage.

The popular cloud storage options are outlined below:
• Dropbox (Provides 2GB free cloud storage)
• Google Drive (Provides 5GB free cloud storage)
• Microsoft Skydrive (Provides 7GB free storage)
• Box (Provides 5GB free)

Let us define cloud storage : It refers to a type of data storage service that allows individuals, businesses and organizations to store digital data such as photos, documents, files, videos and other types of contents. The service is facilitated by remote servers that are accessible via the internet. This data is typically hosted and managed by third-party service provider, often known as cloud storage provider.

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