Satellite Network configurations

This part of satellite tutorial covers satellite network configurations. There are two main configuration types viz. mesh and star used in a satellite network.

vsat mesh configuration

There are two major satellite network configurations viz. Mesh and Star. Mesh type is called point-to-point configurations. In this mesh type network configuration, earth stations communicate directly via satellite and will have only one hop communication. This is depicted in figure below. Here VSAT-1 and VSAT-2 communicates directly via satellite. Usually antenna diameter will be higher in mesh configuration at VSAT ground station.

For one direction,information flow is from VSAT-1 to satellite and from satellite to VSAT-2 and reverse from the other side.

vsat star configuration

In star type satellite network configuration, earth stations (VSAT) communicate via Hub station or central station and hence will have two hop communications. This is depicted in figure below. Here as mentioned VSAT-1 and VSAT-2 communicates via HUB Station and Satellite. For details on how two VSAT communicates please refer our article on VSAT System Overview.

For one direction information flow is from VSAT-1 to Satellite, satellite to Earth Station(Hub), Earth Station to Satellite and from satellite to VSAT-2. This is called two hop communication. Similarly from other side, information flows from VSAT-2 to satellite,satellite to Hub station, Hub station to satellite and satellite to VSAT-1.

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