Microcontroller Tutorial

This microcontroller tutorial covers following what is a microcontroller,8051 microcontroller architecture, Microcontroller hardware interfacing,microcontroller timers and their function,microcontroller interrupts,serial communication registers, cross compiler, microcontroller programming,microcontroller verus microprocessor,microcontroller kit vendors and popular microcontroller manufacturers(TI,ARM,ATMEL).

What is a Microcontroller?

Microcontroller is a chip used for various applications from toys to telecommunication, electrical,mechanical and automotive applications. The wide use of microcontroller is due to its cheap cost and smaller size. Microcontroller composed of CPU,RAM.ROM,timer,counter,ports and various other interfaces required for short and long distance communications such as RS232,SPI,CAN and more. Refer following link to know more on microcontroller,microcontroller interfacing,applications and more.


8051 Microcontroller Architecture

8051 microcontroller architecture consists of program memory,data memory,timers,counters,I/O lines,CPU and more. READ MORE

Microcontroller hardware Interfacing

As mentioned Microcontroller chip consists of RAM,ROM,ports and various interfaces. The hardware is designed on PCB with other ICs along with microcontroller for enhanced applications requiring more memory and more features.

Microcontroller Timers

8051 Microcontroller has 2 timers,which has different modes based on different applications. TMOD and TCON registers are used to set timers for different modes. Number of timers vary based on microcontroller from different manufacturers. READ MORE

Microcontroller Interrupts

Microcontroller has 6 source/5 vector interrupt structure with two priority levels, IE and IA registers are used to set up interrupts in a microcontroller based program. READ MORE

Microcontroller Serial Communication

The 8051 microcontroller has one full duplex UART for serial communication. SCON,SBUF registers are used to establish serial communication with peripheral devices. READ MORE

Microcontroller Cross Compiler

Microcontroller cross compiler converts microcontroller based C program into executable which runs on microcontroller. This page provides necessary instruction set required to write microcontroller based C program. READ MORE

Microcontroller Programming

Refer following links for microcontroller C programming with example.

Microcontroller Vs Microprocessor

Refer following link for similarity and difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.

Popular Microcontroller Manufacturers

• TI Microcontroller   • ATMEL Microcontroller   • ARM Microcontroller  


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Microcontroller Kit vendors

Refer following link for microcontroller kit vendors for evaluation and development of microcontroller.
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