How does cloud storage work | How cloud storage works

As we know cloud storage is a sub-category of very complex cloud computing idea. It is a service model where in data is maintained, managed and also backed up remotely. The cloud storage service is available to the users over internet.

In cloud storage service, users can store the data on the cloud infrastructure servers from anywhere at any moment in time. The data can also be retrieved from anywhere and at any moment in time.

how does cloud storage work

As shown in the figure, cloud storage architecture consists of user terminals and storage servers. At simplest level, cloud storage can be thought of as one user and one server. A user can upload the data using its terminal to the server. When server has any mal-functionality, retrieving data is a crucial task and hence from customer or user point of view this type of solution is unreliable. Hence in order to make cloud storage based business to be reliable, redundancy of hardware is added to basic cloud model. Due to this, redundant system will take over from normal online system in case of failure. This will allow cloud storage system to function continuously without any problem.

Due to redundancy of hardware and repetition of data at multiple locations will decrease the chance of loosing the data to a great extent. Please note that a single data server store data is good and ten data servers is lot better. Repetition is a concept in which user data is copied and distributed to each server. If data in one server is changed, it will get affected on all the servers.

Other than redundant data servers, power supplies are also used as redundant units.

With the use of multiple data servers and multiple copies of information, organizations are able to avoid loss of data and downtime of server.

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