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femtocell vs picocell vs microcell | difference between femtocell, picocell and microcell

This tutorial section on femtocell basics covers following sub topics:
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This page on femtocell vs picocell vs microcell mentions difference between femtocell,picocell and microcell.

Specifications Femtocell Picocell Microcell
Transmit power 20 dBm 30 dBm 30 dBm
coverage distance less than 30 meters less than 100 meters upto 500 meters
Backhaul connectivity Broadband X2 interface X2 interface
Access mode Closed Subscriber Group(CSG) Open to all users Open to all users
Deployment location Indoor Indoor as well as outdoor outdoor
Installation By the user By the operator By the operator
Cost Very cheap Cheap Expensive

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