Femtocell handover | 2G,3G,LTE,4G,WiMAX handover

This page on Femtocell tutorial covers femtocell handover procedure. It mentions types of femtocell handover as per 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, UMTS, WiMAX, GSM standards.

There are various types of handover such as soft handover and hard handover. Refer handover for more information.

In femtocell based system handover type falls as follows:
•Between femtocell to femtocell •between macrocell and femtocell

femtocell handover procedure

The figure depicts femtocell handover between femtocell and macrocell(cellular tower). The handover procedure from macrocell to femtocell in UMTS network is shown in the figure.

Following messages are exchanged between various UMTS system elements (mobile user, NodeB, femtocell Access Point, RNC) to perform handover:
-Measurement report (From Mobile user to Node B)
-Handover request (From RNC to Femtocell Access Point)
-Authorization request (From Femtocell AP to RNC)
-Authorization ACK (From RNC to Femtocell AP)
-Handover response (From Femtocell AP to RNC)
-Radio link setup request (From RNC to Femtocell AP)
-Radio link setup response (From Femtocell to RNC)
-Physical channel re-configuration (Form RNC to Mobile user)
-Physical channel response (From Mobile user to RNC)
-Handover complete (From RNC to Mobile User)

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